this is my sherpa, lopsang

OHHHH, I forgot to tell you guys.


I got a giant swingy curly wool jacket cardigan thing that is akin to a luxe bathmat. It has pockets. And it makes me feel like a Yeti. In the BEST POSSIBLE WAY.
I bought it at Barney's with a gift card from my birthday LAST YEAR (ew, hoarder, tmi?) and I truly believe that items such as THESE are the exact ones that are made for gift cards. Buy the most ridiculous bang you can for the free bucks..ya dig?

I love it. I pet myself. And it's freakishly warm, for something without sleeves. It may need a name, it seems slightly alive. 

Curly sheep yeti sweater: Twelfth Street By Cynthia Vincent
Vintage thrifted overalls dress: Osh Kosh B'Gosh
Too high oxfords: Michael Kors
Perfect electric blue "Kate" bag: Katherine Fleming

And just so we can see that sometimes yo STYLE stays the SAME, here is a pic of me at age 4. Same bangs. Same Osh Kosh B'Gosh. Def still have sandals like that too.

SO nerdy! I knew what was up though, look at that POSE. haahaha.


Izzy said...

you're wearing osh kosh b'gosh. that is beyond. nice sherpa too

laia. said...

yes yes yes yes.

marz_barzxo said...

Osh Kosh!
Brings back good childhood memories :P

and <3 the cardigan! Looks warm and comfy just by lookin at it

Unknown said...

sylish fo' lyfe! and it only gets better!

faster earth said...

that cardigan is disgusting BUT

as my fellow blogger and bff once said "It looks like a giant pink ruffly diaper, and it's my life."

(when she was trying on the worst/best skirt of all time)
blahblahbl idrk............the context is there.

Anonymous said...

it's kind of fantastic. it definitely needs a name. love those shoes!

Isabel said...

Sherpa = good look for you!

Six Six Sick said...

Loving the Yeti chic.


Karl Bloggerfeld said...

i my god it's yew

Anonymous said...


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