what's your good side

Ooooh. I see what you did there, Alexis Mabille, and I LIKE IT.


Who is Alexis Mabille, dunno really.
What I do know is that strangely David Byrne-sized tuxedo jacket in the center there CAN GET IN MY CLOSET post haste, c'mon hurry it up.
How delightfully ginormous; I want to wear it over everything. I live for an oversized cropped sleeved THING...fashion smockz!

This halvsies business is sort of adorable, no?
I like this Two Face vibe.
Sidenote: I wore those American Apparel black n white thingythang tights the other day? Everyone looked at me like I had 2 heads; since when is it a crime to have your legs wear separate hues?

And SPEAKING OF HUES:Dying your hair is realllllly a THING now, isn't it.
Everyone is goin all HAIR COLOR CRAZY! Oh how myself as a 15 year old would be TICKLED. The dudes at Manic Panic are PSYCHED, they knew their time would come again.


Amanda said...

omg eff yes!!! so want to copy this hairdo

Isabel said...

Yep, everyone looks at me weird when I wear those tights too. It feels good.

T-Bonz said...

Very Sue Ellen Krandel.

www.miss-athenes.net said...

F off you monochrome bore! Two tone i heart thee!!

and as of those AA tights, so know what you mean..makes you wanna do a good old gareth pugh/ victor& rolf and split yourself in two. 2 in 1 outfits here we come!


Meaghan said...

i wore the black and white tights the other day and a homeless guy yells at me DON'T YOU KNOW HOW TO GET DRESSED?
and then I went to my grandma's house for dinner and she goes "god meaghan why do you have to dress like that"
AND THEN i get home and my roommate is wasted and goes YOUR LEGS WOULD!!!! and hugs me.

decidedly mixed messages.

Katy said...

Oh yes, that Alexis Mabel coat is indeed awesome.

Unknown said...

I'm tempted by AAs tights... but my legs look twice their actual size in white, and half their size in black... so if i did get the white and black ones, would i look grotesquely disproportionate?

Sam Harvey said...

I am with you on the chompy black over coat. The rest of the way down I would want pencil skirts all the way. Can't believe Tavi is wearing the Commes des Garcons shear coat for Spring 2009. I just posted that on my blog 2 days ago. I have been draping gawzy flimsy stuff everywhere since then...http://lara-serbin.blogspot.com/

Marlena said...

I love the whole two-toned theme!
I'm kinda hoping i'll be able to get half green/half pink hair in the next few months..

Alika said...

totally about the manic panic
im so intrigued that ill be dying my hair soon
i kinda want the "my life as liz" red
its like not artificial looking, but too good to be natural
know what i mean?

josephine said...

gagaga so cool!

Sarah said...

maybe they were just looking at you like you had two legs.

AMY said...

glorious hairdos aside, i'm really feeling your george desktop. i have one, too <3

Unknown said...

Ok who wouldn't find these outfits just flat out...interesting? I mean ok you have the double sided clothing, which on it's own would not be much more interesting than say, another zebra pattern. However, you go and dye the hair with it and that just throws it to a whole new level.

BC2DR Brand

KnobRocket said...

Reminded me of the Joker.


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