WL x MM: Girl Power contest!

I am beyond excited to announce something that I have been brewing on for a bit...the first ever CONTEST on White Lightning, and I have to tell ya..it is AWESOME.


Marisa Meltzer's book, Girl Power: The Nineties Revolution in Music comes out February 9th..and she and I wanted to give 3 White Lightning readers a chance to win their own copy.

So tell us:
How do you define Girl Power?

We are accepting the answer in any form you want: words, photos, video, collage, quotes, playlists...it's completely open. Get yr creativity flowin, people.

We are accepting submissions up until Sunday, February 7th at midnight.
Email me your files/links/pictures/whatever: mslightning
We will select our 3 favorite "answers" and those readers will win a copy of the book and I will post their submission here on the blog !

Here is a lil "behind the scenes" video we made for the Girl Power book party flier. I lent my wonky left-handed scrawling and cropped Nirvana tee to the cause. Also, if you were ever curious about what my voice sounds like?...here is your chance to be disappointed. "There is something really pleasant about putting Sharpie on someone else's skin"..I am a nerd. Enjoy!

I know you are all creative masterminds, I cannot WAIT to see what you come up with! Get to it!


photo of tav taken from her twitpicz


Isabel said...

Haha, that was an awesome video. Nirvana crop top FTW!

Britte said...

Yes!! A new awesome project for me!!

Sam Harvey Handbags said...

Clever girl. This should be fun the day before my b-day! I bought some sweet ass 1950 vintage clutches today in Glendale Arizona. Check it! http://lara-serbin.blogspot.com/

Leah said...

haha i love that you're maximizing the flip cam! awesome

rose said...

kinda simple- but honestly- when you say girl power- only two things come to mind.....
L7 and Kill Bill movies.
both of those things make me want to go out and kick some ass in a serious way.
and make me feel like i can DO ANYTHING!

poppy :) said...

the picture of tavi is so great and i will get round to watching the video as soon as i nick my dads laptop cos this stupid computer has no flippin' sound.luv da blog xx

the StReeT chanteuse said...

Yeah, I'm excited.

Casey Bernice said...

what a lovely opportunity.

definitely onnit. xo

MarishkaRI0tkhsiram said...

:3 yay

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