Yesterday we watched about 7 hours of Big Love. Which sounds pretty bad when I say it out loud, which is a pity because it was DELIGHTFUL. All caught up to the current episode, which was superweird in a season that is superweird, so much shit is happening I can't keep it straight.

A note on my absolute favorite woman on that show, favorite favorite favorite:


Oh... you thought I was gonna say Nicky? No, sowwy Chloé. You are 2nd (but a very close second, obvs).

Lois IS AMAZING. I am slightly bummed out that she is..softer this season. In her demeanor and her face. She is usually so sourpussed and overly blunt that I start cracking up as soon as she is on screen.

I live for a cantankerous bitter old Southern woman (please see Shirley Maclaine in Steel Magnolias:TOP BITCH. ps, she wears a fur coat with overalls, STYLE ICON), if you must know.

I would love to interview the head costume designer at Big Love to talk Lois Looks. She wears the ugliest shit but it is weirdly AU COURANT. Lots of army green and khaki, overalls and vintage coats. (My favorite part EVER is when she gives her floral vintage coat with fur trim to Sarah and says, "I want you to have this. It was made in America and it's got good pockets.")

She's not supposed to be fashionable, like at all. But as with most things that try to be outside of style, they sometimes end up being the most stylish (see anything anyone wears IRONICALLY in Brooklyn). Obvs, tons has been written about the "Mormon chic" of the show, it must have it's own blog somewhere. (I live for it. If you have a fuckyeahmormonchic tumblr, pls leave it in the comments!) The weird modesty and utility of their outfits is really IN right now...

Case in point? Socks and platform sandals! SOOO now and SO F/W 2010 !

Bitch is ON TREND, even when she's jailed in Mexico for bird smuggling and just cut off a Mormon kingpin's arm with a machete. (I wish I was joking) (Are those Korkease?)


Molly Lambert said...

Lois is the baddest bitch. There are so many bad bitches on that show though; Mary Kay Place, Chloe Sevigny, Anne Dudek.

JLKING said...

I've fallen in love with Jodeen this season. I love her scowl and how she's quiet like Kathy but way more harsh. Her smile when she released the birds was awesome.

I saw your tweet about the opening sequence. I hated it at first but I like it now and I get it. Seasons 1-3 they were headed for the Celestial Kingdom, now it's Outer Darkness. I grew up Mormon and the opening is kind of how I thought of Outer Darkness. Not the falling but how you can't reach for anyone. Also, I don't think you can wear pastels there.

I don't know if you saw Mad Men season 3 but I find it interesting Lois cuts Holis' arm off and Lois the secretary is the one driving the John Deere...

Sally Jane Vintage said...

Southern bitches rule! My fave ever... Julia Sugarbaker (aka Dixie Carter on Designing Women). I lived for those moments when she went off. Nobody did it better.

And Big Love is super crazy this season. I'm not digging the whole political story line but you're right... Lois is the best thing on that show. I mostly like it when she and Frank are trying to kill each other.

laia. said...

i need lace trimmed socks.

Landice Anderson said...

This post is too much to handle. I love Lois. Also she bears a startling resemblance to an actress named Deanna Dunagan. Just sayin'.

lukewarm royalty @ blogspot

Unknown said...

I was thinking the SAME THING about Lois this season. I squealed when they panned to her platforms in that episode!

And wtf can a machete really chop your arm off?

Sailor Jamee said...

i haven't started watching season four yet, but i am not surprised at all to hear lois cut someone's arm off! she is my favorite character as well! i was mormon for the first 14 years of my life (definitely not the polygamy sect of mormon, though) and you'd be surprised at how accurate the show is with it's religious satire. it makes the show even more interesting to me when they play the song "jesus wants me for a sunbeam" and i realized, wow, i sang that song like the little four year old drone i was in primary!

Annabelle said...

When I saw that episode I thought the exact same thing. I was going to pause it and take a picture at the exact same place, where she cut off the arm and it panned down to the platforms and socks. We're twins!

samantha said...

lois is my absolute favorite too. she reminds me of my own grandma who is unfortunately not as nasty and rude. she's crazy and that's the way i like em. and those are some sweet platforms, would wear anything that woman would. she is very practical.

Christina Catherine said...


Meaghan said...

big love is my life. its getting out of control, this weeks episode was sooo good, i love the attempted new nikki.
this whole running for senator thing is so ridiculous. every episode that this farce continues it's like big love is lucky i love all of the characters and the writing or i would have a hardcore problem with this idiotic scheme. at lease Barb started calling Bill on how idiotic he's being. p.s. cried at the end of this week, when Sarah was looking out the window. no shame. real tears.

Anonymous said...

omg i live for big love i just got caught up after coming back from holiday. WTF TOO TRUE lois is getting all soft but bitch still be crazaayyy!!! i think i laughed out loud when she cut off the guys arm. which sounds horrible but it was more of a welcoming lois back to crazyville laugh. also to meaghan, i cried too!!!! at the same moment about sarah looking out the window! and AND im sad the gay guy hung himself.

Unknown said...

Coincidentally I caught up on all of my Big Love yesterday, and then stumbled across this today. I'm not a huge Lois fan but I think it's because she reminds me of someone, but I loved when she hacked off the appendage, and then the shoes! OMG! Surreal.

Good Blog.

Unknown said...

Big Love is WONDERFUL! I'm so excited for the new season! And Lois IS wonderful. I love her.

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