Hey lurverpantses: I got me a new gig!
A shiny new blog over at The Sundance Channel's Full Frontal Fashion !

My first post is up! My lowdown on the Bravo masterpiece, KELL ON EARTH.
I plan to post over there about 3 times a week (maybe more for fashion week!), please bookmark it and make it one of yer usuals !



Unknown said...

Wicked, chronic, congratulatory shaking of the hand.....awesome!

Paulette said...

congrats e!you wear world domination well!!

Ross said...

OOOOoooooHHhhhh! Hope it gets like a trillion hits.

Anonymous said...

I already read your first post and I already signed in for future posts!=)

kristaaaay said...

no way! my friend was just featured in there who what where. craazzy. congrats and bookmarked. yeehaw.

Alika said...

dear miss elizabeth,

this is quite urgent, but i think we need to build an anti-kelis army and take back the mcqueen shoes [at least] that rightfully belong on the feet of us fashion folk.

i hope this will convince you to join said army.

sorry so off topic. i just knew i could find some kind of solace in you.

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