every day i'm hustlin

It is criminal that I had to get out of my bed this morning. The snowflakes are superchunks and you can stream Magnum PI episodes on your boyfriend's laptop in your bed, did you know this?

THIS IS WHAT MOTIVATES ME, welcome to my life anthem WAH WAH WAHHHHH.
It's all good, soon all this hustlin' will pay off and I shall buy these and life will be BEAUTIFUL.


Darbla. said...

Magnum PI, yes, but Princess Bride is my favourite on days like this.

And ice cream.

Princess Bride and ice cream.

(wooot Modest Mouse!)

iris said...

Love MM but I esp like the Miu Miu clogs.

Taj said...

those MiuMiu clogs are so damn hot!!!

Cocoblack said...

This weather sucks! I wish I could be at home rather than at work.

HAL said...

Your blog always makes me smile! Keep it up.

HALCOHOLIC.COM: unabridged fashion musings of a philly native

Misery said...

ha, great post :) You know, as long as there's something that motivates us, we shouldn't worry what it is, hah. (because, for instance, as far as I am concerned - lately NOTHING motivates me. hm)

Franny said...

Gasp--where did you get Magnum P.I.?!

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