Please, let this entire outfit be mine. Well, the sweater and the platforms at least? (I don't dig on bangles)


I'll take the hair too. 
This shit drops February 20 aka Saturday aka meet you there?


Katy said...


Sunshine said...

so there. i want the giant black overalls and all the yellow knit pieces

Leah said...

i want to get everything she makes the second it comes out, however there sadly is no h&m anywhere near where i live :( i hope you get this presh sweater and everything else, haha.

leyla said...

totes ba gotes down for that. i wouldnt mind having hair like that, not at all. or the shoes*sigh* oh ill be there fo sho.

Anonymous said...



be mine.

Alex said...

Oh that sweater! And her hair! <3

chwalisz. said...

I want buy sweater or dress from this collection. Cute and cheap. And model's hair are amazing!

YUKO said...

Hooray, I'd have to drive two hours away from this shithole called Davis in order to get to an H&M with the Sonia Rykiel shiet. I can smell the platforms disappearing...

alice said...

i have the sweater in pink! and it is rather delicious must be said. the shoes fit weird though, sadly.

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