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Platform sneakers taken to the lunacy level (I am finally doing this this weekend...), some of them lattice acid wash jean thangs (those are Ashish!!). THOSE SUNGLASSES in the opening spread (Nasir Mazhar otherwise known as LADY GAGA'S ORB DEALER)...this shoot is killing me! 

I have to have those sunglasses, there is no question. Imma also start stickin some curls to mah face, take that shit to the NEXT LEVEL.

I am also pretty psyched to see those Y-3 fishing net bodystockings making a cameo in my life, i would rock that thing like I was Miss Chicken of the Sea 2010, yeah. (what?)

Ladies, all the ladies, louder now:

My only qualm? To my eye, this shoot is way more early 90s and Let's Talk about Sex Salt n Peps than mid 80s and Push It S n P, but whatevs, mabes I am wrong.
This video will stuff your head full of so many reference inspirations (SCORPION CLEAVAGE TATTOO??) you might freak out. Beware!


b said...

The opening picture is so AbFab that I can't contain myself.

megsheff said...

I totally agree with you, not so much with the Push It, but those sunglasses are totes Salt in the None of Your Business vid.

lorax said...

Yeah, definitely 90s, but the shoot was still awesome! Those shoes...oh man.


AFitz said...

THOSE ARE SHOES?!? shit, i thought she was standing on a platform at first glance!

InnyVinny said...

HELL FUCKING YES! This ed is my ether right now. I'd say is very 90's with sprinkles of 80's references, but who cares?!?!

Those sneakers are Luxirare grade insane. Hot damn.

mariam said...

i so agree
ahhh and those shoes
cute blog btw


millions of cells said...

AHH tie-dye pants + platform sneaks + Mcqueen jacket (BODYSUIT IN DISGUISE) = LOVE.


GAH! platform shell-toe adidas. fuck yeah.

Hal E. Liebling said...

the mcqueen jacket!!!!! <333333


Unknown said...

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Domino said...

That spread is so amazing & artistic.

Love your blog.

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Got Snugs? said...


Christina Catherine said...

Ditto above. I miss missbehave. I remember seeing those bow-pants on Bad Older Girls when I was in Jr. High. I don't know what I wanted to be more: those girls or those pants.

melina bee said...

hell yes is right. i love how rich the textures and colors and colors are.

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