good company

You take the good, you take the bad.


PRO: I am featured on the opening spread (!!), ya def can't miss me..hey nowwww. Eleanor Friedberger, hi. CUDI, HI THERE.

CON: I am not so fond of how I look 

PRO:: MARGIELA clog platform craziness !

CON: I am not so fond of how I look 

MEGA PRO: Standin next to VICTOR of DAS RACIST! (ahem, Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell?)

Aaaand..ok. Ending it on a pos note. Thanks again TimeOut! And congrats to all my friends that were included in there- Chuck, Samantha & Louise !


Oriana KubiƄska said...

alexander mcqueen is dead.

do sth lightning:(

Sailor Jamee said...

so rad. congratulations.

Unknown said...

A) major congrats...

B) the sadness that follows such a victory, is the defeat of a fashion maverick and creative soul. Your post on McQueens passing was is a sentiment felt by many.

Peggy Noland said...


MNDR said...

Ok you look so mega stylish. Like a vegan cupcake. (that is the highest of compliments)
also awesome awesome brunch today. I loved that we "circle jerked" at the end. A First for me!

Teresa Halminton said...

That's so cool!
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