i'm kinda scared to dance

Yesterday at the office Lesley gave me a copy of her book, (which I remember stealing from an editor at work when it came out a couple years ago) and between last night's Pratt commute and this early morning's insomnia, I have already re-read it and I am so glad I did.

We're the same age and grew up in the tri-state errrea and so so many details in her early entries made me smile cuz they were so familiar- and when she mentioned in her diary at some point in high school that the band Weston stayed her house, my 16 year-old-self freaked out. I loved Weston!!! I used to go see them play in church basements and VFWs with my cousin Michelle in high school and now I have to post this song because it's been running through my mind all day..JUST LIKE KUUUU-HU-HU-RTTTT..

I wish they had a music video, but this shitty little gymnasium performance takes me back to 1995 and I like it.


melissa said...

Oh my goodness did I love Weston too! I am not from PA but my friend who lived there loved them and she sent me mix tapes full of pop punk bands from PA & NJ. Good times! Thanks for the video!

chris petres said...

this is so funny im reading this book now..im actually on page 36.

Tavi said...

I have a crush.

kaitlin said...

Oh wow. That is just too cool of her. (NO SARCASM. IT REALLY IS.) Love it!

cake. said...

long time reader, first time commenter, but WESTON! <3 "got beat up" is still my crucial summertime driving disc. love love love.

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