it keeps getting better

I am not ready to stop freaking out over pre-fall. DON'T MAKE ME!


Ho-lee shit on a bitchy 70s private school girl shingle. I wish I could say I DIE in about 14 languages, including ASL and Morse code. BECAUSE THIS IS THAT GOOD. 

I keep hearing Candy Pratts Price's voice from Unzipped in my head- "I'm not fond of plaids" every time I see a plaid, which is funny because I live for a plaid and can't figure out why anyone wouldn't be fond of them.

You know what else I am fond of? A fur, a toggle, a popcorn poof thigh high, and a double-breasted anything. I CANNOT WAIT for the full fall runway.


BlogCrushx said...
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Little Miss Sandwich said...

I'm also looking forward to Miu Miu's full fall collection! And of course, I'm thrilled to watch other designers' collections as well :):)

Quite recently I've started my own blog, and please come and have a look at it!


Sunshine said...

that blue number needs to get on my body right now.

Sylvia etc... said...

Exactly! love that 70's vibe going on, the colour plaid looks stunning! ... i'm also super-excited by StellaMcCartney pre-fall collection on you guessed it a pure 70's note!

Steffi said...

I love those thigh highs, they are so cool and sexy!! In fact I love the whole collection - so much that I made an illustration of it: http://miss-matzenbatzen.blogspot.com/2010/02/miu-miu-pre-fall-2010.html

KD said...

Yes yes yes YES!

futurelint said...

Holy holy! Those plaids are too good!

StrangeAsAnjles said...


I'm Anjle. New to this here blogspot. Meandered over from Tavi's and caught this sentence:

"You know what else I am fond of? A fur, a toggle, a popcorn poof thigh high, and a double-breasted anything."

My sentiments exactly!

Also, you are adorable and I envy your bangs so I shall be followin' ya!


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