Dear Kelly Cutrone,

Please know that I have been wishingggg for this day since you first appeared on MTV and became the voice of the SANE: i.e. those of us watching at home screaming OH MAH GAH JUST SHUT UP AND DO YOUR JOBBBBBBBB YOU DUMMYDUM FAKE TEETHY BLONDIES. (Except for Whitnew, I've always had a soft spot for Whitballz..)
It seemed almost too good to be true; I don't care what's scripted or what's real or what is scripted real...I lived for every second.

Also? I read your book already and anyone who has that many references to the Goddess & a chapter on how life is better after 30 has made me a fan for LIFE. Are you taking on clients? Not for PR but to be a LIFE COACH? Because if you are..PLEASE CALL ME.

I pinky swear promise; if I have to cry i will ALWAYSSSSS go outside.

I don't think I can actually wait until 10 PM.

Yours truly and forever,
White Lightning


Leah said...

I AM SO ON YOUR LEVEL OF EXCITEMENT! I am in love with her.

Kristin said...


Amanda said...

so excited. this chick is as real as it gets.

HEYHEY said...

ahaha she is so rad! (i also have an odd soft spot for whittttt)

brendan donnelly said...

she is the devil.

Madeleine said...

Ha, she is amazing! She is a bich when need be, and she's just so blunt..I LOVE IT :)

Danielle Deer said...

I LOVE HER! She is a amazing!

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