the new modesty

A giant duffle bag, that I am certain I could live in quite comfortably, has been returned to me. It was on extended holiday in the pacific northwest in Jill Meisner's kitchen, since I left it there to chillibrate in early September.
Now that my wardrobe has tripled, and I have been reunited with some of my favorite treasures,  I am living in an episode of Hoarders:Thrift Store Addict Edition. It's not too cute for my apartment.

It is cute for my STYLELYFE, though, and so..I will figure it out.



I am undecided. I am short as hell, so really...long doesn't seem so right? But these shoes are a monster and they make me seem fucking TALL. So..maybe it works? I can't tell. It's weird! Hunter said it seems fancy. 
I can't get longish-to-long skirts outta mah head...blame it on Chloe Sev's Big Love steez; Mormon chic. I love how she declares everything "immodest"; it cracks me up.

I am seriously on the fence.
This is either swedish shopgirl odd-cool or like..parent teacher conference night.
Unclear, stay tuned.


missDTM said...

i'm short as hell too and have been thinking (HARD) about longer lengths. i think maxi is ok...but the under the knee thing...idk...YOUR outfit looks super cute though and i think it works! especially because your shoes are so big!

so you know what--long works well with big shoes. lol. that's my thought!

Isabel said...

We are the same height, and I think it looks damn good on you!!

futurelint said...

I think odd-cool, it's not to-the-floor style, so I think as long as you wear fun shoes, it's great!

Jocelyne said...

You look great, rock it girl! With out those amazing shoes it might not be as kick ass!! And...If you decide it's not for you can can grab some scissors and chop that skirt right off.

lisa tomiko said...

i like the length! especially with those amazing shoes!

rachelrose said...

i wouldn't try to-the-floor lengths, but with ginormous shoes, i think you're pulling this off

Sadhbh said...

that length is perfect on you, the pattern on the dress is really nice :)

Misery said...

As long as you're wearing heels it's okay :)

And, by the way, this blog is really, REALLY inspiring. I've just started following, I'm going to keep reading now but I just wanted to tell you - you're doing an AMAZING job here. Great, great blog :)

The Mussy Head Guild said...

That look is very white lightning. also, i have your camera...

tbot said...

love! amazing shoes...pant, pant.

Miss Red said...

i think the longer length is good. love those shoes! a maxi length will make you look even taller. as long as the length doesn't cut you off or end at your calf muscle, you should be fine.

Kylie said...

I think the longer length looks ace! Seriously, if Mary-Kate can do it (who is like 5 foot 1 or something) then so can you! I made a floorlength black skirt that I'm dying to wear... now more than ever...


laia. said...


jenn said...

course you can get away with longer lengths (i literally just posted about this a couple of hours ago! - although, yes, agreeing with missDTM about the mid length. Maxis are a definate yes, but mid calf can go bad. Needs bigass shoes and a swagger. As does everything.

HAL said...

I think you could pull off a longer length. I'm very short and the to-the-knee thing doesn't seem to work for me, but maxi skirts look alright as long as they're worn with tall shoes.


vint junky said...

Oh i like! I think the chunky shoes are the key to not looking frumpy. Suits you very much x

Rachel said...

swedish shop girl odd/cool, for sure! I really like it on you but if you keep feeling weird about it, you could always shorten it. that would be cute too!

sarahwl said...

awwww man... i read the title of this post as "The New Monkey" and got REALLY excited! then double take and realized it said modesty. oh well....

i do like the length though, keep it!

Leah said...

i dig it.

Rohit Roy said...

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