putting this picture in a locket

Why they don't show detail shots of Pre-Fall collections on Style.com is a serious source of frustration in my life (hard life!). I KNEW KNEW KNEWWWWW when I saw Balenciaga's Pre-Fall 2010 color sensaysh situationalz that I was going to need NEED, like..NEEEEEED the shoes.


Look look lookylooklookkkkk. How do you not LOVE them?!?!?!
It's all my favorite needs and wants in one gloriously clompy clomper. A chunky heel, deliciously shiny hard leather, unexpected color combinations. I already went cray-cray on the tights- no brainer that I will beg, borrow and steal for them as well.

To own these shoes is my new goal for the TwentyDime. Lofty, I realize. I am nothing if not an 'AIM HIGH' kind of gal.

For some reason, all my pleas to Nicolas c/o this BLOG seem to go UNNOTICED, fancy that. (ahem, sz 38, New York City, USA. ASAP, merci beaucoup, je t'aime je t'aime je t'aime). 

May need to resort to desperate measures (aka selling my parent's car when they are on vacay. JK MOM AND DAD, PS PLEASE STOP READING MY BLOG). Pls stay tuned.


violetville said...

chunk + color = crazy amazing.

KD said...


Kristin said...


laia. said...

i am now sending BAHLENCEEAGAH vibes your way.

makin IT happen in 2010!

The Mussy Head Guild said...

shoes like these make me want to kick so many things just to show off the shoes, does that make sense?

erin said...

love love love them and agree they must be yours.

leyla said...

i would always be looking at my feet when i walked if i had those

brandon said...

I immediately thought of you when flipping to this page.

william said...

SO glad someone posted this. I was dying when I saw the collection without knowing what they really looked like and FLIPPED out when I saw this in vogue. But you know those shoes must be damn uncomfortable. I have their pre spring 09 clog sandals and they are a biiiitch.

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