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The crafternoon bug has struck again!! I will be posting my hey-I-made-that's over at Crushable.com, hopefully weekly, if the inspiration strikes.


My latest project: Recreating the Alexis Bittar necklace I saw in the March issue of American Vogue. Super cheap, pretty easy, a little bit time consuming.


leyla said...

whoa thats such a good idea and it actually looks really great!

Meaghan said...

oh yay! i tried to make one of these and failed. this is helpful.
p.s. i have that shirt and thought of this blog when i bought it - this post relates to my life more than usual.

Katy said...

Looks amazing! I want to try!

iliketweet said...

Amazing, so going to have to be a huge copycat.

Come by and say hello sometime :)



nicolette said...

i love it. want now. thanks.

The Beached Blonde said...

i have that necklace i got it a few years ago from le chateau. i wore it with 5 other gold chains to be straight up ballin :)

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