the agony & the irony, they're killing me

Sometimes you just want a 90s radio hit, you know?
How about a little Wednesday afternoon FLAGPOLE SITTA?

Harvey Danger - Flagpole Sitta
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Please note the SUPERIMPORTANT line:
"I want to publish zines and rage against machines"

Remember, this was 1998 and so this was considered an ironic "retro" joke.

Here on WHITE LIGHTNING we are POST-IRONY and so we take that as TRUTH.
 We also support pre-Scientology Katie Holmes, and this was the trailer song for Disturbing Behavior, and she was so hot and normsauce back then..WE MISS YOU, JOEY POTTER!


Jenni said...

Ahaha! I love this song! I remember watching this video on TRL... Good times. :D

Ross said...


Isabel said...

I am officially basing my life on your musical tastes. Yes/yes?

Suzy said...

also the peep show theme song: a++

laia. said...

hahah fuck yes, you just took this song to another level.

ps. its still stuck in my head.

shelbyyy said...

one of my favorite songs EVARRRR. fo serialz. so.rad.

KristinmcQ said...

WOW... I thought I was the only one who liked Harvey Danger (ok, FINE, just this one song...)

Saw them at the Bell House this past fall... I guess it was their last show? Sad.

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

Ahahah oh my god I love your blog. This is MY LIFE, right? People who weren't teenaged in the 90s just don't get it. It wasn't just plaid shirts, jesus. It was Gwen Stefani's little jewelled bindi and when Billy Corgan had hair, and teeny plastic butterfly clips in your twisted, spiked up hairdo, and Josh Jackson's caterpillar eyebrows. Fuck yeah.

Ash said...

shit. forgot this song even existed! I miss it! Going on my ipod now. haha

brodie said...

"PARANOIA!? WHERE!?" -tracey jordan

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