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Last weekend Hunter & I eschewed 3D movie theatre surreality to stick with our favorite reality: Laptop movie marathons in bed. In my wine haze I agreed to a subtitled, taxidermied 80s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland called Něco z Alenky.

It was great looking but creepy as hell.

Except for Alice (and actually, sometimes Alice) everything was toys. Stuffed rabbits, marionettes, china dolls, building blocks. The white rabbit ate sawdust and he was so teethgnashy scary; this is definitely a nightmarish take on the tale.

WHY does this look always appeal to my interests so intensely? Will I ever outgrow a love for a kneesock and a maryjane??? Shouldn't I be over this by now??? (Please don't answer that.)

This was my favorite part:after she creates an ocean of her tears, a rat takes refuge on the island of her head. She lets him stay until he hacks off part of her hair and starts a campfire to heat up some hobo beans ("That's just rude, thought Alice").

I only made it about three quarters through before I was like OK, BASTA... I couldn't take the dreary weirdness any longer, although I do adore a pink pinafore and a fringe, obvs.

In conclusion: When I am old I will have a room in my house that will be scaled to make you feel like Alice after she eats from the side that makes you grow LARRRRRGERRRRRRR. (Pls see above for refernce) And I will still be wearing knee socks.


CoocooforCoco said...

wow. this looks exceedingly weird.

odetoawe said...

this movie looks brilliant, I am about all films culty and weird. Next on the to watch list (especially since I heard the Tim Burton was somewhat of a bomb..altho I'll have to watch for myself)

Eyeliah said...

the man and I are in the middle of watching all the aptaptations we can find so I'll add this to the list thanks. Right now it's the 1985 tv version with Sammy Davis Jr as the catterpiller, it'snot as cool as I remember it being.

nathan said...

I recently watched this masterpiece and can only say that the director seems to have made it specifically for me and my bent little mind.

the goon squad said...

svankemajer is amazing! highly recommend all his movies. inspiring eastern european fashions. while you are at it, watch "institute benjamenta". edwardian high collars never looked better!

al said...

im totally freaked out by the images alone..hehe

Lucy said...

yeaaaah. I saw this (accidentally) dubbed into dutch, with no subtitles and it was extremely freaky. The rabbit especially!

amy said...

it's by svankmajer! he is amazing. i saw alice for the first time after eating mushrooms! i can't recommend seeing it under that influence but i will also never ever ever forget it.

i'm into the carol channing/scott baio/sammy davis jr/and on and on version too! i think that one was adapted for the screen by like paul zindel. recommended!!!

amy said...

just repeating shit over here.

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