I am completely obsessed with this image.

PRADA F/W 2010
Knits plus knits over knits and shiny belt and ugly shoes and a Snooki Bumpit bun and THOSE GLASSES.
All over Mariacarla, who really does make my heart stand still.

I want to go to there.


samantha said...

it's cozy and kinky all at the same time.

i want/need those frames.

Unknown said...

Knits, knits, knits ay? Peeps better start getting cosy with ya nan, cos you're gonna need her to knit her little bedsocks off this season!

Like the look of those glasses! They need the chain attached!

laia. said...

i really enjoy seeing your ever-changing desktop pics.

Anonymous said...

Ha, these glasses remind me of my crazy art teacher from primary school. She wore almost identical ones, except back then it was anything but fashionable. And she was kind of scary :)

As for this whole Prada collection I've got mixed feelings. I'm not the biggest fan of knits, but then, again, it is still so much better than the lastest collection of Alexander Wang. Ha. Sorry, I had to write it :) I was really, really disappointed in Wang clothes.


melina bee said...

I believe they call it "specs appeal"... Knits and glasses can not be appreciated enough

Aesthetic Porn said...

Constipated and bitchy if done by anyone but Prada!!!
And my word verification is "ainal" (anal?). I think its trying to tell me something ass related.

Teresa Halminton said...

Love the outfit. Thank you for sharing!

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