i call her red

Monday night Christine invited me to be her +1 for Karen Elson's sold out solo show at Le Poisson Rouge.


She was...luminous. Magical. Incandescent? I may not know the right words. I died more than a few times.
I don't think I will have a day where I am like, I NEED to listen to a Karen Elson record today; it's the only thing that will get me through; it isn't exactly my thing..BUT- her voice is gorgeous. I was taken aback at how incredible she sounded.

(I forgot my FLIP! ADM*! Here is a tiny clip from my Lumix, twill have to suffice)

SPEAKING OF INCREDS, let's discuss how she LOOKED: That long peachyglowdress (with matching fascinator AND microphone fringe) and her unbelievably hypnotically gorge orange flame pennylocks. Superjelz x 100 millzbillz.

I am sorry to gush, but she is a VISION. And my hair idol. And so pretty I want to CRY.

Oh and no bigs, my second hair idol and Head of the Pennylocks Hair Association, Grace Coddington was there, front row and center. Amaze.

*ADM is AY DIOS MIO! Obvi, it's the new OMG. PASS IT ON!


Cherie said...

I love the clothes. It's really quite fantastic.

Cocoblack said...

I saw her perform not too long ago with The Citizens Band at the Henry Street Settlement. Absolutely amazing and her voice was surprisingly really good!

Caitlin said...

but holy crap she can sing! cant believe she from readin or somewhere... x

kate said...

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thanks ! :)

samantha said...

mmm ginger love.

Skyler Man said...

sounds like you had a time.

Unknown said...

i love her voice... i have her song, "the ghost who walks" on my phone and i listen to it everyday...

Darbla. said...

So gorgeous! I love the fringe microphone. :D

the StReeT chanteuse said...

ahhaha, "*ADM is AY DIOS MIO! Obvi, it's the new OMG." I will surely be adding this to my vocabulary.

RAT PACK said...

uhhhh my so-called life reference? ADM!

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Unknown said...
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