i hate when parts of my childhood are gone

My first intense celebrity crush died today.

I remember going to see Lisence to Drive in the theatres; I want to say my dad took my sister and I? Which is weird because I cannot for the life of me see him sitting through this ridiculousness. But that is how my memory stands. They gave out a free poster of the movie, which stayed on my wall for years. I still have it...somewhere.

Corey/Corey movies are only second to John Hughes in majorly important films in the era of impressionable brain formation. In other words..if you had VHS tapes growing up, you loved a Corey movie.

Who wants to have a License to Drive / Lost Boys / Dream a Little Dream / Lucas quad feature this weekend? Call me.

RIP Corey Haim !


Gnarlitude Jen said...

Sunday night at Tribeca Grand is already happening, just head over there! Lost Boys 8:30pm. Screening room.

Also: License to Drive, hard not to have loved that movie.

Unknown said...


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