i think i prefer version 1.0

Are you a fan of literally-straight-off-the-runway looks, ornate frames and somewhat correct English? Then please direct your attention to Anna Dello Russo's bloggy blog.

My amici Paolo from Dolce & Gabbana posted the URL on Twitter the other day and I have been thoroughly enjoying it ever since.

Here is the real gem of the site though, Anna as captured by Helmut Newton in 1996!

She reminds me of Stella Tennant!

I want more of this ADR, version 1.0 !!!!
What we need is a Hot Blog Time Machine...Can someone get on that? Yeeeeeeahhhhh theenks.


Anonymous said...

I don't know, I'm not really a fan of Anna Dello Russo's style...I mean, the clothes are literally off the runway, but there's just somehting about her that she makes her outfits a bit too over-the-top and not in a good way. However, some of her accesorries are major win :)

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