i want to be your blow pop queen

Last night was..pretty major.
My dear dear friend Marisa Meltzer, she of the amazing new book Girl Power and my partner in FIRST KISS the zine, asked me to be part of her event at the 92YTribeca, What it Feels Like For A Girl, along with Emily Gould and Sean Fennessey and mynewfavoritegirls Supercute.
She suggested I talk about Lady Gaga, and really, who can say NO to that?!?

I said yes, got excited, then..the night before I had a panic attack and possibly cried a little and freaked out.
I HAVE STAGE FRIGHT! Major. Public speaking is SCARY to me! It always has been! Good grief.

But last night (after a whiskey) I felt..excited?!

Marisa was so composed, funny and brilliant..Talking about how COURTNEY LOVE FRIENDED HER ON FB (true story!) and then read from her book AND Courtney's published diaries.

Emily read a chapter from her forthcoming new book, And the Heart Says Whatever (currently reading it and I love it)  and SANG (!!!) Liz Phair's "Flower" with Supercute (note, as the super cute Supercute is a band of 3 delightful 14 yr olds, Emily reworte the lyrics to be TEEN FRIENDLY. SO funny. My fave part "I'll take you home and make you pancakes").

Sean, our brave boy in this sea of GIRLNESS, talked Nicky Minaj (sooo DOPE) and RAPPED HER LYRICS. 

I mean. You guys, it was so great.

I was last. I got up there, with a laser pointer (YES!) and a slideshow, with nothing written down...and HAD SO MUCH FUN. I wasn't nervous. I wasn't scared. Even when the computer wasn't working at first, I just rolled with it. I can't tell you you how I surprised myself...but I did. And it was so fun. I traced Lady Gaga's sartorial evolution in the past year (her rise to mega-fame), with school as a metaphor?

If you were wondering what the hell that means, here are the title slides for the 4 sections of my (highly non-scientific and largely ridiculous) discussion:

It made sense (kinda) if you were there.

What a night. Thank you Marisa and Emily and Sean. Thank you Supercute. Thank you everyone who came to watch us.

THANK YOU LASERPOINTER..I reallllly need one of those things for my every day, what a revelation.

ps, Supercute will be getting their own post this week. They slayed me.


laia. said...


was there an entire powerpoint presentation involved? can we see it?

Isabel said...

I wish I was there!! Its sounds like you all put on a marvelous show.

Anonymous said...

wow, I've never participated in anything like this, so I can only imagine it must have been pretty amazing. And I know how you feel - stage fright is terrible (I used to attend music school, where I had a piano exam at the end of each semestre but it was more like a real concert and I was always SO SO SO scared. But I think that actually TALKING to ppl would be worse, haha)

Unknown said...

It is hard to believe that you would be scared of anything!

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jill said...

your powerpoint titles speak to me. i really wish i had gone rather than seen this awful dance company we had tickets to.

Tavi said...

THAT'S AMAZING. I wish I could've gone! You guys should just come and do a living room show in my house.

samantha said...

"if you don't know, now ya know"

so good!

Bari said...

Loved the whole show, the slide show, and the laser pointer, and of course Supercute. I'm obsessed!

Baju Muslim Anak Perempuan said...

I wish I was there!! Its sounds like you all put on a marvelous show.

Teresa Halminton said...

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