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Let's ease back into this BLOGGING THANG with some Wednesday morning musical love. I have so much to catch up on..I've missed you guys!

Hunter has filled my iTunes with a TON of music recently..This is one of my new favorites. Although there is something weird about naming your band Happy Birthday, I mean really.

I am usually an ardent follower of my own strict rule which is: I don't really dig on things that I find slightly embarrassing to say (this is usually the case in restaurants with goofy ass names for dishes). But rules are made to be broken, amirite?

Points for some boss song titles: Perverted Girl, Pink Strawberry Milkshake, Zit


Leah said...

i LOVE this! you're a great source for new tunes =)

large canvas said...

Awesome, I love this! What a great post!

Teresa Hamilton said...

Oh! Thank you for sharing this song. This is a fresh song for me :)
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