Why yes, I DID dress like Sailor Mercury on Monday, how sweet of you to notice!

I mean, ok. Not really. Just sort of. I got a new sailor-y shirt from Fox and Fawn (I finally got to stop by the new store and see Bev's white hair!! I love both. Still some of the best and most affordable vintage in New York!)

HEYYYY DOLLA BILL JANGLE! Where you been ? I missed you. Let's be cool again.

Oh, these pink beauties are from the sadly-and-sorely-missed Poppette..the ribbons are velvet and the exact matching shade.


I'm not really wearing lipstick for spring & summer, just doing a superflushed cheek situation.
Not sure how it's working out, my bf keeps asking me if I am pissed off about something?
I like it though...I am basically thisclose to Baby Lynnie rouge circles. Somebody stop me.

This shirt slays me. The alternative vibe, if Anime sailor teens are not quite your THANG...is Flying Nun (thank you, Ronnie).


Kirsty said...

ooo i saw your tweet about this outfit and hoped you'd post it! sweeeet. blush trumps lipstick anyway.

laia. said...

diggin your blushed look.

by Sutton said...

love the top, and your necklace, BIGGIE SMALL!.

dont think im ready to live without lipstick - but you go girl.

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

don't say i don't keep my promises: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlcJ01VZFsI

Agent Lover said...

You know I approve of this outfit my sista!! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Anime sailor suits you but I would like to see you as a Lolita girl.
X David

Anonymous said...

I love Sailor Moon and her pals!!!
I watched this show for hours as a 4 year old XD
I was thinking of making my own Sailor Moon outfit the other week but forgot to doo it... shucks!

Hal E. Liebling said...

you're sooo cute. love that bling and your bangs.


Katy said...

I HAVE GOT TO GO TO THAT STORE. And buy all other possibly nun-related-esque things they have. Love it.

Lady M said...

Do you know "Sailor moon"?
I'm Japanase.
Sailor moon is famous in Japan.
amazing to me.

Fox and Fawn said...

Love you in the shirt and you didn't even need to try it on! Thanks for the shout out! Digging the blush scene, got MAC Zen at Bloomingdales, the sales girl described it at "bronzer for pale girls", it's perfection.

The Book of Linda said...

Loving the shoes, red shoes are the shizzle!

Leah said...

all awesomeness aside, your BANG GAME is SPOT ON. freakin killin in per usual!

Unknown said...

haha! i'm loving the salior moon look- especially with those gorgeous raspberry shoes!

Gracie said...

ha ha, baby lynnie, you make me laugh

Unknown said...

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Teresa Halminton said...

I love anime. You outfit is so cute!

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