fashion hoarders part 2

As promised, I will continiue to fully expose my maximalism to the unflinching internets. As I am actually still moving into my apartment (long story), there are so SO many boxes of treasures that have yet to be unpacked, and thrust into your eyespace.

I started going throuh my jewwrees the other night, to find my Elizabeth nameplate (feeling it again) and realized..good GRIEF I have a lot of charm/pendant/things-to-hang-from-yr-jangle..BLOOOG POST? (nerd!). Here are some of the highlights.

Let's consider this the pruned & curated collection; I purged/sold so much last summer before VISION QUEST OH NINE. I kept everything that was sentimental, important or had a great story.

SIDENOTE Embroidered art is one of my collections (consider this a teaser). This Matisse-inspired situtation right here was purchased in the South Hamtpon (they have really good thrifts!).

Blistered Pearl by Heather Morra, gift from my mom
ENORMOUS Scorpion Las Vegas thrift, bought on my sister's 21st bday weekend
Sterling Silver perfume heart (top left) from Paramus Park Mall when I was 13 
Yin-Yang/Weed leaf & Flying Eagle pocketknives 25 cents each from old Chinese man on Grand Street (bought with BDonns about 3 or 4 yrs ago)
Scorpion / E / Scorpion / E necklace gifts from my grandfathers when I was a child
Elizabeth nameplate from the mall (?) bought in college
Tiny harmonica (before this craze of tiny harmonicas, sorry but TRUE) from a children's store in Soho
Assorted lockets (hearts and otherwise) thrifted, collecting since high school
TCB in a Flash from Graceland, 1st cross country trip in 2000
Bullet from Army Navy store in Portland last summer (also bought with BDonns)
Ceramic Elizabeth heart gift from Ece
78 gift from my sister

Giant Ass Hippie Crystal recent gift from my sister
Red Glass Coral / ES heartshaped locket / Evil eye / Diamond center flower assorted gifts. The engraved locket is from an ex-bf and has a pic of me and my grandmother in it. The others were gifts from family members. They are always on this chain and I wear this when I fly or need luck!
YinYang Ball gift from BDonns (how did he figure so prominently into my jangle collections???) (Hunter wears this sometimes. it has a tiny bell inside- JINGLE JANGLE!)
Giant Chunk of Amber was my Great-grandmother's, she gave it to me when I was 18.
Odd shield shape locket flea market
Triangle Lightning Bolt charm gift from Ozan
Heavy Old Key from flea market in Italy, I have a few, they are good luck (I sent one to Zana as a gift last year!)
Silver Cowbell thrifted
Teensy Silver Viking Helmet from Hunter, his from college. It has a tiny lightning bolt on it ! I wear this most days..sometimes alone, sometimes added to other things.
JC on the cross Pocketknife same old Chinese dude as the other two pocketknives
Silver & Enamel Aztec-ish thing gift from Mark J

NOT PICTURED The contents of my middle school & college jewelry boxes, both of which are currently in storage. In there you will find the barbell from my tongue piercing, my old nose ring, lots more crystals, more lockets, more Elizabeth & E-related things (duh).

I think I sold/gave away about twice this amount in the past year. YOU CAN'T KEEP IT ALL (sadface) !


xoLauraox09 said...

ARGH! i NEED all your jewellery :D
Such pretty-ness!


Vanessa said...

Whoah - everything has such a back story, I can imagine each one getting up and making a little movie about itself.

xx Vanessa

Hana said...

I guess us girls are like magpies, in a way. We see sparkly things and we just automatically pick them up and hang them around our necks, wrists, ankles or ears :)

C said...

This post was essentially knick-knack-slash-dangly-charm-things-collector porn. I love it. I aspire to hoard that much in terms of trinkets someday.

lorax said...

I think you should have a giveaway for the ones you don't want anymore!

Just kidding!

...sort of.


Cherie said...

I loooooove that giant locket with the 2 white people inside of them!!!

Caitlin said...

holy crap. your are like the vintage, girly mr t xx

melina bee said...

I'm in love, thank you. Any advice on how to best photograph jewelry?
melina bee

Eyeliah said...

drool, you spoil us with this jewelry eye candy.

Maia said...

all of this jewelry is quite orgasmic

OooKellyNicky said...

Love the scorpion.

my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

Eleanor said...

Oh god I want them all! Mainly the bullet..

Ash said...

If you're giving anything else away, I'll gladly take it! But if I were you... I wouldn't have ever given away/sold any of it. Maybe I'm selfish... haha. BUT, yeah... you have great taste in jewelry.

Michele said...

You hoarder! No seriously love all yo bling blang girl! By the way, I emailed you about the Miu Miu DIY collar a few days back, and after you replied I immediately did the damn thing! Came out great, you can check it out on my blog! Thanks again!

xx Michele

SarahPeslar said...

jealous of your wild collection !!

emily said...

haha i have the same "listen to your world" record sleeve hanging in my room

Shhhh said...

You have the best jewellery collection ever!


Patricia said...

Luv the jewelery! Specially the scorpion,



brendan donnelly said...

that was 3 years ago! holy shit. glad my gifts made the cut.

miss you dude

hazel said...


only a small portion of mine
i love your collection of trinkets

pamcakes said...

Your "Aztec-ish" jangle is a Hopi design, a lot like the Tawa katsina, who represents the sun. From the pictures, it looks like a really nice piece, too. My folks are would-be collectors of Southwestern Native American art, so I recognized the style. <3 your blog.

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