gone postal

Reasons I love to go to my office:
I can IM, text, and have lunch with Lesley pretty much simultaneously.
General Gavin-ness.
No shortage of Dad jokes.
Trevor once bought us all Skor bars and I hold on to the hope that the magic of that day will be repeated again.
Sometimes Ronnie stops by and leaves me notes and drawings (The last one was a WHITE LIGHTNING logomade out of dicks. I HEART ART!!!)
I crack up about 98% of the time.
Repeat first line about Les.

Also? I GET MAIL !!

I love mail you guys, I LOVE IT.
Packages and letters and zines and postcards all intvites. All awesome, all showing up on my desk...YES!

Latest greatness on that has showed up at 14th St:

under.ligne Dress. My new favorite item of clothing. Outfit post forthcoming.

Whim Quarterly: A new magazine by my old friend Paul "Underdubs" Underwood..It's funny, it's actually printed on PAPER (novel!) and..it comes with a free toy inside! (note, no free toy inside)
EDIT! THERE ARE FREE TOYS! (Breaking: I am shtoops)

Oh and this?
This is just a Tim Lincecum baseball card, with a piece of his jersey inside of it.
I know umm hmmm likeeee NOTHING baseball, but I caught about 2 seconds of Tim on teevee last year and sorta fell in love. He is a supertall long hair pot smoking baseball star from the pacific northwest, ummmm HELLO, I am your #1 fan. PS I have no idea what team he even plays for.
Anyways...my longtime friend Mr. Scott Opirhory sent me this crazy thing.
I wanna make a jangle out of it? Just like the Abba turd in Priscilla Queen of the Desert? (Anyone?)



tanya said...

i want a free toy now...

Hal E. Liebling said...

Doo.Ri makes the cutest stuff. Exciting!


Sam Harvey said...

i love the color of the dress and the draw string. what if we had to do without zippers and buttons and just had to pull everything closed with draw strings.

shelbyyy said...

Lincecum plays for the SF Giants... and thus ends my baseball knowledge. that would make a dope jangle that all the Bay Area girls would be super jealous of [also Priscilla Queen of the Desert is an awesome movie]

and that dress is dope.

and you're dope! <3

OooKellyNicky said...

That's great that you love your job, that is the ultimate dream. I think every senior leaving high school fears being confined to a cluttered cubicle all day.

my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

We love seeing the looks that you put together and are even more excited for this post as are big fans of under.ligne. We have her spring collection in our boutique (www.glassworks-studios.com) now. Here's a link for a quick peek:


Katy said...

Ahhhh I want that magazine!

Maia said...

Doo.RiDoo.RiDoo.RiDoo.RiDoo.RiDoo.RiDoo.RiDoo.RiDoo.RiDoo.RiDoo.RiDoo.RiDoo.RiDoo.RiDoo.RiDoo.RiDoo.RiDoo.RiDoo.RiDoo.RiDoo.RiDoo.RiDoo.RiDoo.RiDoo.RiDoo.RiDoo.Ri JOEGJOTIJHORE;KH check your e mail.

Taj said...

so mega-jealz all I get at work is tired!

Annabelle said...

YESSSSS I LOVE THAT MOVIE! The adventures of priscilla, queen of the desert. And the Abba turd. I got you. Mmk.

Susie Bubble said...

I got that same dress too... it has SUCH a nice weight when you have it on...

Srsly said...

I'm from SF but know nothing about the Giants except for their hotties...I too caught Lincecum on TV during a visit home (my mom is obsessed) and tote fell in love. The only other hottie is Barry Zito who used to play for the Oakland As. Peep it: http://kmcleod.mlblogs.com/barry_zito.jpg

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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