i can coast on these for a while

My friend Phil (who is responsible for setting me up with one of my favorite new friends in a while, Ms Amanda Warner) expressed an interest in taking portraits of me and some of my officemates...We are all REALLY SHY and so it was a struggle, but in the end we agreed.

I am so glad we did, they are seriously amazing!

One of my favorite vintage dresses (Portland thrifts!) and my insane Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons knuckle plate ring.

Gavin's glamour shots. This is what he looks like every day, it gets a little messy.

Lesley, looking dope as haaayy-ell. I love those thigh-highs, hottness.

I haven't been able to go in to the office for over a week..I miss it!
Just know I look at your picture and a tear silently rolls down my cheek, you guys.

Thank you, Phil!!

All photographs by Phil Chang


Kristin said...

Pretttyyyyyyy peeeeectures. pretty ladies and awwwww, bloody fella. cute!

Meg said...

Nothing I love more than a bloody man in a garbage can... that rhymed/sounded like a lyric to an unwritten Belle & Sebastian song.

Dope dress girl

Meggstatus said...


Unknown said...

Lovely pictures, and in reference to your previous post.... I too badly want some spare cash to buy some type of clog-based shoe, love every pair in your collage!

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

wait..what dude, i've never even seen that bonkers ring--it looks so rad..can you wear that for our taco time date por favor?!

Isabel said...


Yeah, you and Lesley.

melina bee said...

Everyone looks great! I love Lesley's glasses!
melina bee

Hal E. Liebling said...

omfg, her glasses ARE dope as hell!!


chwalisz. said...

Lesley's glasses are fantastic. But this blood man scaring me a little.

Amy said...

Beautiful people! You look delicious, lady.


iliketweet said...

They are lovely, thank you for letting him!

tweet tweet tweet


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