in my mind's eye

The vibe for the McQ FW10 lookbook is baaaaaasically my dream self as a goth in 1997.
I loved wearing my hair in Bjork-balls and I was dying it black back then, too.

I've been growing my bangs long long all winter and now I want them kiddie-scissors-gone-awry shortshortshort.

Don't you want to buy a bunch of pants at the thrift and seam rip the hell out of them and then..just..glue gun smockdress thing?

Hey now, my Chloé doc boots!
And a tablecloth from a GothScottish picnic.
And your tallest friend's sweater.
Why do I want to wear it all so badly?
I would look like a homeless shoplifter in this and YET.
And. Yet.
It looks so perfect. If not a tad bulky.

PS, I bought 99 cent black lipstick last night for reasons unknown to me.
I put it on and scared myself.


Zoe Schlacter said...

I love these photos! Thanks for sharing!


s said...

wow posts like this are why i read! so perfectly put and i agree about this amazing bulky creepozoid grunge!

Kirsty said...

YES! I'M IN LOVE WITH IT ALL. i've been dressing more and more like my 12 year old self and this has validated it in the eyes of faaashun.
twinsy posts:

bravegrrl said...

i feel ya... totally loving everything about this collection... the stripes the layers...


joy said...

Hey there. Loving the content on your blog more and more. I fell completely in love with the grunge/goth shoes.


samantha said...

i wanna be goth for a day

and i have made late night black lipstick purchases as well

i frightened my grandmother.

Marlena said...

I need a dress like that to go with my black lipstick! *-*

OooKellyNicky said...

Whoa! That jean dress is sick, I love all of the angles!

my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

Katy said...

Love this lookbook!

Leah Susanna said...

Real cool! This is very similar to how I dressed when I was 13/14/15... I also wore dyed black hair in bjork buns, striped stockings, lots of army green and skirts made from jeans.

Misanthropic Pulp said...

just makes me a bit sad that McQueen isn't with us...marvelous outfits.

Hal E. Liebling said...

I am just in awe of this lookbook overall. So incredible in every way. Three years ago these looks would've been like "wtf," but I still would've adored them. xo


trilby said...

I'm so in awe of the general McQ collection. It was so raw and grungy and just so McQueen. Great post!


Love, Trilby.

Andrew said...

yes yes YES!

Anonymous said...


wall art said...

Awesome post, thanks so much.

Unknown said...

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