the shoe whore's dilemma

Everyone is talking clogs, everyone is getting clogs, everyone is Twitterin' clogs, clogclogcloggggzzz!

For the record, I never STOPPED loving a clog. I have clogs. I wear clogs. I want NEW CLOGS.


I have no money for shoes right now, my closet is overflowing and all my friends are buying Swedish Hasbeens at an alarming rate.

In my dream clog reality (and all this workin ain't fer nothin, ONE OF THESE will be mine quite soon, mark my words..), I would have all of the above.

Hasbeen boots, Celine wedges, Chanel anklebreakers, Jeffrey Campbell red devils, Zara hippie wedge, No. 6 shiny T-straps...Fucking DELIGHTFUL, right?

I have been thinking on this for way too long; I think it will be a pair from No. 6. In maroon patent leather. I already went to the store with Lesley (who has Swedish Hasbeens from Sweden, which seems specialer than regs ones) and tried on every single pair they have; I love that you can design your own...you could really spend all day there (I did).

Please let the record reflect that I still hold out hope for some sort of Celine miracle. Throw a penny in a fountain fer me, k?



I have the hasbeen lace-up boots in black and LOVE them! I wore them almost everyday this winter!

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

those celines are EVERYTHING.

Darbla. said...

Now I'm confused when it comes to the term "clog". I always assumed it was a heel that does not have any kind of back strap, which I find totally unwearable, so really the only shoe in your image that fits my idea of a clog is in the bottom right corner, all the rest look really cute to me. Am I totally wrong, or just missing something here?

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

also, mary kate (or ashley, who knows) wearing clogs to a funeral: http://cache.gawkerassets.com/assets/images/39/2010/04/500x_spl169618_005.jpg

Patricia said...

I luv that they're making a comeback, good thing I kept my old ones!


kate said...

i agree, you need your new clogs ! :D why not sell some of your overflowing closet to your friends ? to get some money ?


^^ i hate the name but when i change it all the comments dissapear, please look at my blog and commeennnttt ?

Meg said...

ooohmagawd I want the No.6 t-straps desperately .. however recent Miu Miu purchases have financially stunted me in doing so ... heartbreak

Anonymous said...

i never stopped loving clogs either. they were always on my love list ahah

Isabel said...

I kinda like the Hasbeen boots, but I will leave the clogs to you, Elizabeth. They are not my cuppa tea.

bravegrrl said...

yes, i have always loved clogs too and have quite a few pairs :) i think you should reinvent some of your old ones until you get your no.6s :) and do show!


Kristina Karenina said...

i honestly still haven't the slightest idea why so many girls are into them. last year they were such a faux pas or better left for the ultra-girlie bohemians and yet somehow this spring they are all the rage.

Taj said...

those Celines taunt meD: they know that I'm a guy, and they know that I think trannies are barf-y. they take the fact that they know I <3 them and use it against me!!

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

seriously, the celines are truely + completely outta control amazeballs!!

+ i guess i qualify as one of your friends on the band wagon, i went ahead and ordered the orange hasbeen lace ups this weekend!

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