topshop day 1

When Topshop contacted me to be their "fashion blogger photographer" for their 1 year anniversary celebrations I was pretty psyched.
I had a vague idea of snapping pics in a corner and I heard there'd be tea & cake.

I had no idea what I was in for.
3 days and one night of a NYLON party later...I am exhausted but exhilarated and totally giddy. What a crazy and amazing gig. Thanks Alicia & everyone at Topshop!

I learned a few things:
People LOVE to get their picture taken. Jumping is a big thing, and if you have an umbrella as a prop people will LOVE it.
Apart from not owning any kind of footwear that is in aaaaany way near approps for standing 8+ hours at a time (the MARGIELAS were the best bet!!)..I think I am not bad it this kind of thing!

I had a great time. I had a dope lil' crew: Ryan my digitech guy and Krista and Theresa the hot crowd control/release paper giver outers/good vibes makers.

So many awesome and cute and cool WL readers came by; they brought me candy and we took pics together and they all bascially made my day.And to my friends (and mom!) who braved the hordes of Soho to come say hi: I heart you guys, big time.

THERE ARE SO MANY PICTURES! I shot like, 5-600 a DAY! I have been told that all of them will be uploaded to Facebook (not by me) and so I am just picking favorites to put here.
SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO here is some of the best of Day 1:

And now for my Day 1 WINNER: Michael St. Rose !
This kid killed me. That hat, his head half bleached, shaved eyebrow, microphone jangle and those crazy sneakers. I LOVE the first pic. There were somany good ones..but he was sorta SPESH, ya know?

Good lord that took forever to get up; how do those of you with realllllly photo heavy blogs live your LIFE?? Are you just uploading shit ALL DAY LONG? Wowslers.

Tomorrow: Day 2's highlights and winner! (Spolier..it's a girl and she is in one of the collages I made in my earlier post!)

Special thanks to ADF for lending me equipment and being a top shelf friend.


Sunshine said...

girl w tiny stripey hat and vintage jeans gets my vote so far!

also i am trying so hard to score that cat's jeremy scott wing sneakers but they are near impossible to get in girl sizes. so sadness. best sneakers ever

Eyeliah said...

great photos! they inspire me to try more interesting posing ;-)

sarahwl said...

one thing to say: black guys in NY dress WAAAAAAY better than black guys in LA. what gives?? i feel jipped.

Anonymous said...

This is epic. Can pretty much all these people get blogs? Esp the boys.

Anonymous said...

Love these shots! Congrats on the new job :)

Taj said...

Dude in the 18th picture(yes, I counted, and no, not the one wearing the Y-3's) has on my Dream Outfit!!!!!!(tee+harem-ish sweatpants+ hi-tops= happy ass/stylish TAJ!!!)

Karolina said...

great photos! I love them all. Congrats!!


laia. said...

awesome awesome awesome.


Anonymous said...

This was such a cute idea. Nice to see some of the images posted. Thanks for taking my photo when I went!

And yes, you're right about uploading! I have a photo based blog, and I feel like I spend half my life posting photos.

zeeta said...

when were these taken? I'm pretty sure I saw the girl in the 15th and 16th picture (gray jacket/poncho with the round glasses and bright red lipstick) last friday at beacon's closet. xD
but these picture were pretty awesome

ólöf said...

wow..congratulations, amazing!!!

I really like the second one, two guys..one in the adidas-wing shoes

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