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All my nostalgic teen-years angst comes crashing to a hopefully spectacular freakshow of screaming insanity TONIGHT. At Terminal 5. When me, Marisa, Kara, Emily, and Doree go see HOLE.

I really can't remember being this excited about an EVENT* in a longass time.

When she sings this song -and she better sing this song- I am gonna freak out. BIG TIME. CROWD SURF. GET WEIRD. You've all been warned.

The last time I saw Hole PROPER (not counting her surprise Lolla perfomance, or any other weird industry party things) was at Roseland in 1995, Live through this tour. I guess I should wear the barrettes I bought there tonight?

*except for First Kiss at 92YTribeca, DOY


Fashion Intel said...


Casey Bernice said...

how i would love to witness courtney love live and kicking.

it seems that hole never seem to tour the UK. such a shame. xo

greatest friend said...

such a thing stirs up questions as to why i left nyc. really would love to slur-scream these words, slowy slide my make up downwards, give the finger to random concert goers and show my knickers all at a hole concert. (again).

Claire M said...

lucky lucky you

rose said...


Eyeliah said...

so excited for you, I am dying to see her, ugh come to Van or Seattle CL!

and also jealous (lol)

HAL said...

wow, luckyyyyy!! have fun!


brendan donnelly said...

courtney love's bob was the first i ever touched. toads place, age 14, she crowd surfed over me and i grabbed her tit. didnt wash hand for a week

T-Bonz said...

ohhhh, I am so nostalgic for you taking Eva and I to Roseland to see Hole! I heart 1994. Did you wear the barettes? Was the stage covered in stuffed animals.sigh. that was an amazing night.

Madame G said...

How was the gig?? I'm going to see them for the very first time in Glasgow, Scotland on Monday night. I've been a fan since I was 14 - that was 15 years ago!!

Madame G x

megan said...

I want them to come to Vancouver BC so badly!! Have an awesome time!

megan http://mallratcouture.blogspot.com

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Teresa Hamilton said...

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