i mean


This must be a thinly veiled sexual reference 4 billion times over, but..I'm missing it?
Please, be more EXPLICIT next time, Mr Jacobs. Subtlety is for lightweights !


TobyOliverDean said...

so shiney... can't.stop.looking...

laia. said...

i dont even know how to feel anymore.

Maia said...

i think this cologne is supposed to be as wonderful as marc jacobs peepee. yum.

Leslie said...

haha, seriously

kathrynnova said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Makyna said...

Ooh, it's wonderful! I love him

brodie said...

i just went to whitenightning.blogspot.com


isis said...

Your name is Isis??
Mine is too.

TaxidermyDreams said...

How difficult is it to take this pic seriously when there's a spongebob squarepants looking at you from his oily arm?

Amandine said...


That looks a little uncomfortable.

Kate Rose said...

I don't know if I should think this is funny on purpose/by accident or ick and tasteless? But still. Oh, Marc Jacobs, gotta love the guy

brendan donnelly said...


Marketa New York said...

hope it doesn't smell like balls

Anastasia and Duck said...

Jeez, OK Marc, we get it, you're hot now. You don't have to keep ramming it in our faces. LITERALLY.


Autumn said...

bang, as in slang for sex?

if you wear it, a tiny gay man covered in tinfoil will break into your home and put his nuts on everything in your medicine cabinet.

brodie said...

DUDE I'M UP TO HERE! i think i'm up to the first post i read properly that made me wanna go back! also- my previous comment on this post had a significant typo. spaz. obvz i meant whitelightning.blogspot.com aka the emptiest blog imaginable for someone documenting "stuff that happened". either this "claire" girl is either really sad and boring or has an amazing sense of humour.

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