it's here!

Our zine is here! It's a real thing! You can buy it and hold it and read it and love it and tell it secrets and take it places as your +1 and hide it in your textbook during AP History and give it to someone you have a crush on!

All these things are possible because the world is your oyster.
And also because I learned how to add code for a paypal button to my blog! (PLEASE LOOK TO YOUR LEFT.)
We have a zine blog! You can buy it here, too!

Thank you so so much to everyone who sent in their stories. You are all awesome, but we only had so many pages we could fill..!

Our fantastic contributors are as follows:
Carlen Altman, Loulou Androlia, Lesley Arfin, Aurora Armijo, Zach Baron, Sven Barth, Christine Cantera, Jon Caramanica, Kat Clements, April Starr Daniel, Michael Dempster, Jocelin Donahue, Brendan Donnelly, Elisabeth Donnelly, Claire Evans, Sean Fennessey, Hallie Fryd, Julie Gerstein, Tavi Gevinson, Martin Glenn, Emily Gould, Rockwell Harwood, Shayla Hason, Kelley Hoffman, Sunshine Hurlburt, Aya Kanai, Mat Keel, Shelby Keyser, Katy Martineau, Gavin McInnes, Marisa Meltzer, Ashley Merriman, Bayla Metzger, Reza Nader, Leon Neyfakh, Katie Notopoulos, Caitlin Ogilvie, Marianna Ritchey, Yasi Salek, Doree Shafrir, Elisa Sheehan, Isabel Slone, Laura Spinella,Elizabeth Spiridakis, Hunter Stephenson, Louise Sturges, Spencer Tweedy, Jaimie Warren, Fletcher Woolsey, Aviva Yael, Diana Zapata

Marisa & I are so proud of this...The stories are magical.
Get one!

PS..thank you Hunter for making our Tumblr all linked up and profesh...


Hal E. Liebling said...

Congrats! I need to pick one up. xo


Alé said...

Im saving my pennies!

Hugs, but not kisses since I have a cold still.

Gnar Jen said...

way to go dude.
btw i'm such a fuckoff for not getting you shit in time when you asked me. next time for sure.

TobyOliverDean said...

$15 TO EUROPE FML!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mairgance said...


Unknown said...

niiiiice cover.
if my bank account wasn't so much like a students right now id be in possession of one.



Madelyn said...

oh oh oh you're so lovely
i'm saving all my nickels and dimes to buy this. first kiss stories are so so wonderful. i wrote one for you and forgot to send it. :(


p.s i saw you on the street the other day while i was walking down 8th ave in chelsea with my brother and had a total freak out after you passed and my brother looked at me like i was nuts. you looked pretty.

Unknown said...


Great blog!! <3


a hug, from POrtugal

Isabel said...

Cool, that's me!

Caitlin said...

im going to try and sly it on to my desk at work! xx

Zoë said...

fantastic! i always thought i was odd for being interested in people's first kisses! but now i know its not so weird to indulge myself in others nostalgia!

Zoë said...

I received it yesterday - damn you guys are fast. i read it last night and finished it this morning whilst in bed. what a wonderful three hours.

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