new beginnings

A few of my current favorite things.

New dress from Opening Ceremony (I have worn it almost every day since I bought it..TMI? WHOOPS), yellow tights, perfectly broken in 70s clogs (2 dollars at the Sals in Connecticut, during our set visit to The Innkeepers- more on that later), mini leather backpack (another 2 dollars at the Sals).

The entirety of my thrift haul:

Light blue hard shell circle suitcase (with violet interior), the afore-photo'd clogs, a red Donna Martin-esque boob-cupped crop-top, a purple LL Bean crazy patterned anorak that is verrrry O.Ceremony, the perfect little boys denim jacket, leather backpack, top-handle purse, blue leather coin pouch (my new camera bag), a slouchy linen blazer thing, 2 light denim button downs and a striped romper.

$29 bones for all of it.
Good lord, I love a good day at the Salvation Army.
Note: Good thing I bought a suitcase cuzzzzz....there was no other way to get all this crap home.

I HAVE A NEW LAPTOP YOU GUYS! This is wildly exciting.
But until Tuesday-ish, I have nothing from my old hard drive.
So posting may be sparse, but there is SO MUCH TO COME.


matthewsiddall said...

i love those shoes :))))

Kirsty said...

i want it all. there's a salvation army right next door to my flat which i love except the prices seem to be way higher in the uk than america- there's no way i'd get all that for the equivalent of 29 dollars!

Diane said...

Nice haul! Salvation Army srsly has the best prices (at least in the States, judging from K.M.'s comment). I'm currently on "vacation" in Vietnam but I can't wait 'til I'm back home to do some thrifting! I've only been gone for a week but it seems like it's been forever.

Also, I can't believe you thrifted those vintage clogs! Those are such a sweet find.

xoLauraox09 said...

Great haul! You had fun ;)
I love the bags and clog. Like, LOVE!

Maia said...

i love the clogs :) which salvation army did you go to?

tah_nee said...

2 dollas!?
got a pair of clogs same brand, different style but from brooklyn flea... so you can imagine how much they set me back.

oh well they're still a dream.

Jennie said...

Superb haul you lucky gal ;)
The bags are all amazing & I love the clogs too.

melina bee said...

fuuunn. thrifting is the best ever and its awesome to see what kinds of stuff ends up where (geographically)

Gnar Jen said...

seriously digging those opaque yellow tights elizabeth. they are amazing. i also think you and hunter need to visit a movie set down here (or your mom on vacay) so i can take you to a million thrifts and watch you blow not very much money for tons and tons of great shit. if i had a mobile phone still i'd be emailing you shit non-stop. oops!

Colleen said...

it looks like someone packed up this suitcase in 1994, stepped into their time machine, and came out in 2010. good job.

Led Strip Lights said...

Awesome so you can imagine how much they set me back.

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