a post i never thought i would do

"Stefon" is the funniest thing to be on this show in YEARS (this and the first time he was on Weekend Update a few weeks ago. TEDDY GRAHAM PEOPLE anyone?)

DJ Baby Bok Choy.
I can't. Tiny ravioli hands? I CAN'T.
Brb, choking laughing.

PS...Did I really just post an SNL clip?
PPS...holy shit, you can make yr own clips out of clips on hulu!
PPPS...A Teddy Ruxpin wearing mascara


laia. said...

he actually had his first appearance in a sketch with ben affleck where they were pitching like family friend-ly movies to some exec a few months ago. i think they were brothers in it. for some reason it's not online tho :(

laia. said...

and knowing that makes me feel like the biggest nerd ever.

camille said...

the stefon/affleck sketch is on netflix!

liz said...

stefon. <3

except sometimes it creeps me out how much he reminds me of a guy i once knew...

corrie said...

YES YES YES. i've been waiting and waiting for him to come back on weekend update. best snl character in years.

Kylie said...

At first I didn't know what you were talking about on Twitter with this "Stefan" person but NOW it's allll coming back to me. I seriously think I cried when I saw this on bit on tv, you're right that its the best thing snl has done for yeeears. Omg I'm getting red in the face just thinking about how much I love this


samantha said...

so agree. reminds me of the gay elf that lives in my head who tries to come up with explanations and descriptions that end up sounding something like stefon's.

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