sale is my fave 4 letter word


When I went to Mara's studio to pull things for my shoot with MNDR, I saw the full gorgeous mystical DOPENESS that is Mara Hoffman clothes..so much cool stuff that I didn't even know about. The images above don't even really give you the sense of what cool treasures there are to be found

You have 3 days to acquire some really good summertime shiz at 80%off.

Mention WHITE LIGHTNING when yr paying and you will get another 10% off. I mean...

PS I pulled that beaded harness (pictured over the bikini) for Amanda and it was realllllyyy good.
PPS Any sample sale that takes credit cards is a sample sale I need to know.


Side Street Style said...

Ooooh I love sales...I wish I lived in New York...I would be there in a flash

Laura x

Vivalaflav said...

That's so cool, my friend is interning for her this summer! x

laia. said...

do you think those crazy pants i tried on at the shoot will be there?

Magic said...

I went this AM and it was awesome. Thanks for the tip!

mingusss said...

Mara went to my highschool.
She was just here last month as a guest speaker. ahaha
thanks for the tip.

Ash said...

UGH! Wish I saw this earlier... then I probably would've taken off of work tomorrow. Lol.

Unknown said...

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