showroom visit: be & d

A couple weeks ago (I told ya, BACKLOGZ!!) I stopped by the Be&D showroom to peruse the PreFall and FW2010 collections. I had already poked around during press days but I was late (poor form!!) and had forgotten my camera (profesh!) and so...they were nice enough to let me roll through again, this time much more prepared.

I have new favorite bag. And it is the Be&D Dallas.
It was the missing component to complete this new favorite outfit that consists of: my now-constantly-worn under.ligne dress (thanks again Doo-Ri!) and resurrected ChloƩ docs, Surface2Air jangle, Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons brass plate ring.


It's like..a soft semi-hippie-ish PS1. Does that make sense? It's a top handle satchel, with a longer strap, but it's all in squishy supersoft leatheryloveliness.
It is basically a perfect bag.

Runner up for my affections:

Animal printed soft suedeyness plus messenger bagness plus a metal chain. I'm a sucker for a metal chain.
I want to wear this with a pea coat and bellbottoms and my new clogs and be like Cher Horowitz channeling Ali McGraw in Love Story except I don't die and I keep my bangs and the part of Ryan O'Neal is played by Ethan Embry in Empire Records. He was only ever that cute again in Can't Hardly Wait and then..what happeend to him anyways?!?!

Um sorry, where was I?

I was really feeling this one as well.

I sat down and had some talk times with the man behind the line, Mr Steve Dumain (read: he nodded and laughed politely as I talked talked talked...as I am unfortunately WONT to do. Oopsydoops.). He digs bloggers and old movies and liked my new shoes. WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE?

One of the coolest things about Be&D was that they make all of these bags here.
I went back behind the showroom where it's like a leather wonderland old school workshop!
People making the bags by hand here in the Garment District! Pretty rare these days. Very cool I would say.

Thank you Steve for taking the time to chat it up. And thank you Courtney for letting me photograph and try on everything in the showroom for probably way too long.


Taj said...

I love the 2nd bag!!!
I like your shoes!!

Hal E. Liebling said...

I loooove that bag, it IS like a slouchy PS1. Want!


Shay said...

classy bitch! Love the first shot.

Elisa said...

I was just thinking oh man i dig that dress then I realized I am literally wearing the exact same outfit...minus your shoes plus those charlie clogz. TWINZ.

Isabel said...

Gahhh, I've been searching for a new bag!

Gnar Jen said...

how didn't this post get more comments?! these bags are great, my fav for sure is the leopard. loving those long chains. the shape of all of 'em are perfect. also, of course those boots are winning. nice to see them in black.

canvas art prints said...

What a way to accessorize! Love it girl!

seenu said...

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Teresa Halminton said...

Wow! That boots is so lovely!
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