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JOHN FLUEVOG, my teen years dream label (Remember the old store on Prince Street?), has re-issued their Munster flare heel suede buckle shoes.


What dream, you ask?  Good question!
A simple dream: to be Lady Miss Kier, posing mystically in the Milky Way, while enormous blurry daisies float by and an Asian deejay in striped pants slomo  speedskates on by.

I can't. I mean. I have waited for this for YEARS!
Do you realize I have a permanent eBay alert for Fluevogs?! But no one ever sells that shit! At least not in my size! WTF, world?!?
If you are an avid reader of White Lightning, you know how I feel about this.

Please refer to this post from *2007*, in which I declare the 90s are back (just saying but I was ahead of the 90s trend in that I NEVER LEFT THE 90s)

What took so long, Fluevz???!

I NEED to have these.

Sadly, I just spent a how do you say, fuckload of money on this here twitter&blog machine and so ALAS there is approximately 37 cents in the "lifetime shoe dreams fund".

...But what if I can't live without them? I must figure out a way.

PS I posted these and a bunch of other things I am loving right now over at StyledOn..check it out if you're feeling clicky.


Maria Matiopoulou said...

hey girl!Really nice work!

greetings from greece!

Wendy Cook said...

You need to get your Fluevog loving behind to Vancouver cometime before September 26th because the MOV (museum of Vancouver) is having an amazing Fluevog exhibit!!
Approximately 150 shoes dating from 1968 to 2000 are featured, complemented by photographs, catalogues, newspaper articles, sketches and customer comments.
You must come! I could be your guide!! I swear I am not a psycho.


Anonymous said...

These are MAJOR. I'm literally drooling at the sight of these babies.

C said...

Love Fluevog. It's also the Vancouverite in me talking, but he seriously has got some of the most ridiculously fun shoes ever.

And wow, thanks for mentioning the show, Wendy! I'm most definitely going to see it!

Isabel said...

Fluevogs are such good quality, it would really be shame if somebody sold them on eBay! But yeah, coffin heels are the shit. I posted about them ages ago.

Annabelle said...

Fleuvogs are so great, been saving up for a pair for a while [:

Unknown said...

OH HELL YEAH! I work at like the only boutique in Georgia that carries Fluevogs and it is the most exciting time evarr when we get in new shoes. You must find a way!

T-Bonz said...

They are deeelicious. And look damn good in my closet right now and even better on my feet. Aside from the pair hand delivered to LMK herself, mine was the first pair sold in NYC.

Gnar Jen said...

well if i ever spot these at a thrift/flea i know who to pick them up for. i feel like i've seen them a million times.

sidenote: did you know leah from married to the mob named her daughter kier after also being obsessed with LMK?

etoilee8 said...

I wanted everything that Lady Miss Kier wore. Especially in Dewdrops in the Garden. She was the perfect 90's girl in ringer tees, babydoll dresses, and metallic skirts.

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