doin' it and doin' it

So this week I am on "vacation".
The QUOTES are there because I am not really going anywhere; rather I just won't really be actively earning any income and instead I will be making my apartment a place in which I actually ENJOY living.

SO I am planning today, in this COMFORTABLE, EASY 93 DEGREE WEATHER [we call this "sarcasm"] to haul heavy boxes from my storage space to my home space, paint my bedroom and finally settle in.

I mean, I've only been in here since November. Always timely, this girl here.

I leave you with this:


Please tell me what he's wearing around his neck. 
From here it looks like Jar Jar Binks as King Tut

Also, in my mind, this:

Plus this:

Is somehow an excuse to post this? (vintage Snooks! Jersey Shore comin' back soon, gweedz):

I don't know what I'm talking about.



Maia said...

i think kanye is wearing a trophy around his neck... have fun painting!

andrea said...

I believe he is wearing a medallion depicting the egyptian god Horus.

Have a ball redecorating and perhaps you could share the results...?

Unknown said...


Amandine said...

Maybe Lousy is right about Kanye's necklace. I do know that it is definitely something ancient Egyptian inspired and is a bird of some sort.

brodie said...

lemme just say how psyched i am that you're doing home renovation business. when i was reading through the archives and i got to you moving into this (AMAZING BLUE) place, i just kept waiting to get to a "here's pictures of the places i sit, eat and sleep" post so i could get my internet creep on.

also, i like to think that's a cobra coming out of kanye's penis, rather than an enormous jangle.

chelsey. said...

saw your real90's tumblr post about jimmy the cab guy and how your favorite was the one about the m conspiracy.

found it!


gospel said...

Order your replacement Axle Online.

canvas picture said...

What a brilliant post, love these pictures haha!

Unknown said...

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