greatly appealing to my interests

OH OH OHHHHHHHHHHHH hey hi there guys, HI!

Here is the way to make MONDAY your HAPPY PLACE.

The patron saint of my bloglust, Mark Ronson, and my I R L Breakfast Club partner-in-crimetime Amanda Warner aka MNDR (plus Q TIP!!) made a thing of beauty together called BANG BANG BANG.


Thanks to Amanda, now I can speak French! Welcome to the Jam of Summer 2010, brahs.


LilMiSsMiSeRy said...

this made my monday XDDD

rem said...

Sacre Blu, C'est Chouette!!!

Sam Harvey said...

love the thompson twins braid action!

Dee said...

My crush on Mark Ronson has been growing steadily for the past two weeks. This video is not helping.

Beaty said...

oh my gosh i totally heard this on the radio the other day and now i know who it is! it's great... why so handsome & talented, mark ronson?

Style Queen said...

Okay... so it's Tuesday now, but never-the-less, it's still gooooood!


Isabelle said...

My flatmate phoned me to tell me to listen to this on your blog. Amazon.

chloe said...

heeeey, i like this a lot!
thanks :)

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