hey bike messenger, what's your name?

Take 6 minutes out of your day and watch this situation (not to be confused with this Situation) right here.

A little interview/intro with Luscious Jackson (by Alison Stewart! Where are you Alison? Chillin somewhere with Dave "the Sence man" Sencio?), and the video for City Song. Kinnnnnd of important summer vibes.

Gabby Glaser in 1994...Total babia majora*.

*wait...Wayne's World ref?


Fashion Intel said...

I'll never stop loving them!

laia. said...

yo so weird, but theres been a lot of mention of alison stewart at my house lately. shes cohosting a show on pbs that i guess is the new bill moyers thingamabob, anywho, everytime the commercial comes on nick is all THATS ALISON STEWART FROM MTV


Madeline and Sophie said...

Love that.

bea. said...

and vivian trimble, ooh la la!

lesley arfin said...

omg this is important. i can't believe you found it.

pachuco hands said...

Do you remember that episode of The Adventures of Pete and Pete where 15 year-old big Pete went to a junior high dance because Luscious Jackson were playing and he had a major hard-on for Gabby because she was so hot? Gabby obviously likes 'em young.

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