it's not just a clever name

Hey, indoor kid, how'd you get so BLINDINGLY WHITE?

Good GRIEF, where's the sun? Not that is makes a difference. I have to log about 600 fry hours to get a slight browning. Ehhhh, whatevs. This pallor is what keeps me young. (She said to herself, as she blinds the passerby.)

I got this denim shirt a while ago at the thrift, I made it into a bit of a shirt mullet- I cut it cropped in the front and kept it the length in the back. Denim mullet. Dullet? 

Vintage swimsuit (that laces up the front. Too racy for midtown, everyone was STARING at me) & Tracy Feith for Target skirt.

St. Mark's $5 sunglasses have been my jam lately.

Gahd it's so hot you guys. Did I say I wanted summer? Can I take it back? Fuuuuuuuck.


Chloe Michele said...

Im really digging the denimn shirt mullet.

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that you own like 80 million adorable sunglasses, but you're never outside. haha, your amazing.

melina bee said...

I love this outfit, so colorful and vintage swimsuits are awesome as tops. Also, I personally think light skin is pretty so...

Sam Harvey said...

i want to see the sides of the shirt mullet. what are they about? if you really want to know post mo pics.

Pervaiz said...

Your are so nice.

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