oh right..the men's shows

GOOD MORNING. How's your Friday so far?

...What about now?
I mean...Wow/wow/wow/wow.
Scott Campbell for Louis Vuitton Menswear SS10!

The tattoo artist's collab showed up in a bunch of patterns and lasercut prints for bags and clothes, but the model's fake runway tats were the best part of his work with LV, real talk.
It's a fleeting detail if you look through the Style.com slideshow, such a bummer, I would love to see close-ups like this of each one.

Note: this model's right nipple is slightly unnerving.

Also: Is it just me or is this model a teen vampire/zombie? Why do his eyes, aside from holding on to to hundreds of years of living trapped in a young man's body, seem to say I WILL EAT YOUR BRAINS?

...anyone? Just me? Oh.

Vuitton should sell these as temporary tattoos, like Chanel did this past season. I would enjoy covering children with fake throat tattoos for a global luxury goods company. Call me crazy.

Let's get real with some important imagery from Scott's blog:

Obviously topless is the best way to go here, OBVIOUSLY. [Sidenote, Scott is kinda really hot. Important detail?] Flowers, Court? Really. K, you're the boss.

Someone's Neckface greatness. Sorta jellyballs of this one.

Marc Jacobs' right elbow. Where do you get a red donut?

I need coffee.


Anonymous said...

he looks something like a strange zombie, I'm with you. It's slightly unnerving but also kind of really sexy. NOW I get why girls these days like vampires so much! But sadly Edward doesn't have LV tattoo amazingness. He just sparkles. *lame*

Unknown said...

i've never liked tattoos THAT much.
you may have just swayed me.



rem said...

Does this make the Tipi tattoo Scott gave me in 2004 worth more?

Isabel said...

I can almost see Courtney Love's right nipple. My life is complete.

rem said...

sorry ended up double commenting on FB cause the word verification thingy wouldn't work.... stpletsh.

cake. said...

i am both super into these {hott dude helps} and also really really glad that it's a fake.

jasmen said...

you're right about his eyes!!

i was scared at first that those were real tattoos! i loved the chanel temps and i do hope that LV does the same!

Rachel Lily said...

I want to eat your brains is definately my favourite look of the year, so hot right now <3

brodie said...

i think his wonky nip's there to distract you while he noms on your soul.

T-Bonz said...

Um. I think the red donut is an ass hole. for real.

Unknown said...

Those fake LV tats are totally amazing. I think they did the look way better than Chanel.
Cool blog

Lady M said...

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Katie said...

Wow! I love these, definitely would love to get temporary tattoos like this. There is something so ghetto fabulous about the louis vuitton print, I like it better this way than when it was simply associated with luxury.

Anonymous said...


Celestine Adena said...

I think the "red donught" is meant 2b lips you guys?? I have a similar pic on my phone with red lips and sprinkles...inspired much???

Anonymous said...

wow,It's interesting post.

Unknown said...

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