I am in love with the photos that people are sending us of their First Kiss zines !! It is way beyond exciting to see them out in the world.

Here is a total fave that I could NOT wait to show everyone: Hunter's friend Colin Foord whose company Coral Morphopologic, "serves to connect discerning, conscientious aquarists with the highest quality Floridian corallimorphs, ricordea, and zoanthids" (I think that basically means they breed and sell amazing corals and things? RAD!), sent us a gorgeous photo of FK communing with nature...

Colin's unbelievably awesome pic:

I want to wear those guys! Get me 50 of those neon dudes, stat. Gonna wear them all over a wetsuit and be toootalllyyy AVANT

Morphologic Studios seems to do real cool stuff; they make these weird cool videos of underwater life and sometimes...rock posters?

Oh, hey there Tiger Flatworm.

LOVING all these trippy marinelife thangthangs. Colin, you maybe have the coolest job in the world. Thanks for the pic!

If you have a copy of First Kiss, please send a photo! We will put them up on the First Kiss Zine blog and love you forever.


Sunshine said...

guh mail to philly is so slowwww!!
pins & needles

Isabel said...


Taj said...

that picture is really effing cool!I LOVE CREATIVE PEOPLE!!! btdubzicles I ALSO LOVE SURFER BLOOD!!!!THIS ENTIRE POST IS FULL OF WIN!!

Lizzy said...

What exactly is a zine? I'm really trying to figure that out.

Lizzy said...

Is it like a mini magazine? wow I feel stupid now

brodie said...

DEWD LADY I AM AT THE END! IT IS THE END OF DAYS! also, tiny world, i wrote about these morphologic chaps at my job! where i do shit to make money to feed my internet addiction so i can read things like this. aaaiiieeeee!!

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