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Feeling inspired by strange combination of things.

Vernon, Florida by Errol Morris

This documentary is the best way to spend 56 minutes (too short!!) this weekend, I promise you. The couple above believe that the sand in that jar is growing. "In 2 years this jar'll be filled". I mean.

The first photo is of the prizes of a turkey farmer.

I can't do this justice with description, it's instant on Netflix, go watch it and holler at me.

From the Air Magic Wands (!!!) by Gillian Wilson (Sam Pleet's sister!)

We all need more magicks in our lives, right?
Well luck for all of us here in the universe that Gillian hand makes MAGIC WANDS and so now we can all have it.
I can't explain why, but this seems like a completely legit "want" for me to have.
I can see myriad uses for a wand.
Poking people, casting spells, scratching various backs, writing my name in the sand, twirling my hair. SO necessary.

Leith Clark's photo from the Chanel Haute Couture show this past week:

Aside from the fact that the size of this lion actually gives me anxiety [I have a really weird fear of large scale objects. Not buildings, but like..THINGS. It is my most embarrassing fear.], this is such a perfect moment. It seems like it's a still from a dream sequence in old fairy tale foreign film that you caught on teevee in the middle of the night.


These arrived yesterday!!! Oopsydoops? Groove certainly is in the heart, brahs.
Can't wait to wear them..so far they look great with my pajamas. Outfit pictures coming soon.


sarah said...

the chanel photo is definitely from some bizarro dream.
if nothing else, being that big of a fashion house gives you license (and money) to do some crazy shit!

www.miss-athenes.net said...

Bergdorfs we heart thee? Got them too! now in transit somewhere between New York and Athens, Greece!

erin said...

So obsessed with Errol Morris films lately! Totally renting that one tonight. Gates of Heaven is also amazing, if you haven't seen it...

Lauren said...

Your blog is my fav. Just sayin. Love those clogs!

Bea said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with that fear... large scale objects totally freak me out.

Isabel said...

At least you're not terrified of earthworms. Try explaining that one...

Caitlin said...

my sister has the same fear. ever heard of ron mueck? she literally ran out the art gallery when we went to his exhibition xx

brodie said...

aaaiiiieeeeeee! so much better than another NYC blogger trying to pass off non-miu mius as miu mius. #stopbeingabitchbrodie

Jonathan said...

I'm likin' this blog...


Rachel said...

I also have a bit of a phobia of larger than life objects. I used to have nightmares about giant...pizza and stupid stuff like that. Maybe that's why I like mini things so much!

Raven said...

I totally listened to Dee Lite and thought of you today. Weird, I know.

Kerri said...

groove IS in the heart!!!! those shoes rawk!

David Henderson said...

My dreams are not that surreal (referencing lions), and that's a good thing.

spades of said...

Do you yaaaankss say that?
Happy clogging.

Tanya Bermudez said...

definitely legit to get the wand! Too awesome

Валентин . said...

Nice :D

Samantha Pleet Web Log said...

Thank you for sharing some other practical uses for a wand!

Mugdha said...

From looking at those pictures, I'm starting to think that "hand-carved" is its own good reason for having a wand. They're so cool!


Annabelle said...

I totally have that same fear lol

Mother Leopard said...

Haha! Brilliant. I really need to see this documentary but I'm on my parents computer with no sound so I'll have to remember to check this out next week. Thanks for that!

ps: groove is definitely in the heart with those clogs!

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Unknown said...

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megan said...

#3- such a gorgeous photo.

megan http://mallratcouture.blogspot.com

Jorge Pagliarini said...

..a solid gold lion above..
..weak with the Lady below..

Ella said...

I'd sell my soul for some miu miu's. haha

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