i call it love palace

I think I do a Sifl & Olly post about once a year here on White Lightning.
I want to do weekly Chester posts.
Does that seems excessive? But...my love for Chester knows no bounds, you can't hold me back, I won't let you!!

I obviously need to do a longer post on the genius of Liam Lynch for The Real 90s.
Where is he these days?? Call me!


Unknown said...

this is so weird, i woke up with that 'whatever' song in my head this morning. I need that song back in my life now!

laia. said...


laia. said...

also liam lynch is totally hot.

Kristen said...

I totally just texted the "Whatever" video link to a friend on Friday for good laughs. That album was actually not bad, and he was able to get freakin' Ringo Starr on it.

darbie said...

ha! i totes remember watching a lot of sifl and olly in your room above the garage. and homicide life on the street?!

ah, summertime at the lakes. why did your parents have to move?!

brooklyn said...

I miss this show so much!!

Jenni said...

Um, I vote yes on weekly Chester posts. That would be crescent fresh.

KayW said...

I am so new to all this and would love to have someone explain this whole blog thing to me i seen to be missing something very essential to this and would be grateful to have someone who already know this stuff tell me how it works! And yes I really am this dumb!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Ditto what Laia said.

Liam Lynch on Twitter: @lynchland

Liam Lynch on the Web: http://www.liamlynch.net

Liam Lynch in my head: naked.

Unknown said...

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