i don't think i saw one track suit

Last week I was lucky enough to attend an incredible dinner in the company of a ton of amazing New York City bloggers and Miss Erin Featherston, to celebrate Erin's new position as a creative consultant for Juicy Couture.

There was champagne, champagne, champagne, wine and port..and that was just at dinner.

Erin, the tall bright light in the center there, was sweet and funny and way too good of a sport; in the middle of dinner she told us all the secret to her perfect (PERFECT) white blond bangs, in detail. I won't divulge the secrets, but after learning the WAY OF THE BANG from a hair master in Paris, she now maintains it on her own.

As a fellow FRINGE SISTER, I was very much interested. Erin doesn't know it yet, but I am ready to book time with her in her office for my next trim (which, according to her guru, could be EVERY DAY)

I am clearly not as committed as I could be.

Afterward, thoroughly full of bubbly drinks and macarons, we all hopped into the provided black cars and hit the Juicy store for an after-hours spree (more bubbly + FREE THANGS = too much fun).

Kelly (my partner in crime of the evening) & I ended up with matching bags and I also got an incredible military winter coat (from their BIRD collection)...I mean, it was pretty rad.

Me, my bangs game lacking (so HUMID!) and Erin, maintaining perfect hair status.
Please note, I am wearing 5 inch wedges and she is still towering over me. OH, THE LIFE OF A MIDGE!

Thank you Erin & Juicy. (and KAREN!)..best way to spend a hot summer night ever.


{ I V Y } said...


Sunshine said...

you must share some bangs secrets when I see you! I'm only trimming every 3 or 4 days - need to step it up, obvy.

also wanna see the goods you snagged - I just watched a promo for Bird and am intrigued.

Erica said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Mugdha said...

ooh, sounds like this was fun! Everyone's outfits look so chic!

filthy g said...

what fun photos! she seems so sweet :)

Shannon said...

you HAVE to share!

it ain't nice to the rest of us with freaky bangs... can't a homegirl get a break in her hair rut fer a change?


babyxswts5 said...

Love the color of Erin's outfit!
~Vanessa from Smashion

Emily said...

sounds like so much fun!! she does have such great bangs.. i went through my bang stage and it was needless to say a bumpy road! Share the secret!! lol


Viki said...


Madeline and Sophie said...

That's so exciting, I would have loved to go! Yeah, last night I got some bangs and all day I've been trying to master the perfect way to style them. I'm posting a picture soon of my new haircut, I thought I'd contribute to the WL bangs trend ;-)

黃書豪黃書豪黃書豪 said...


M said...

fun night!
share the bang secrets asap pls!!!!
& I love your white dress, looks great with the belt.


Leah said...

pics are so stinkin' cute! you're single handedly fueling my desire to get bangs...

Rosé Magritte said...

No, you need to divulge! I am on the brink of committing hair suicide and shaving my entire head because these bangs just WON'T COMPLY WITH MY SENTIMENTS EVER THEY HAVE A MIND OF THEIR OWN I MEAN HONESTLY.

ita darling. said...

you are like the little girl on the playground, who is all "i've got the most AMAzING secret and IM NOT GOING TO TELL". seriously WTF!?!

that's just cruel and unusual.

canvas picture said...

She looks scared of you haha!

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