i wonder how you keep track of me

For a few freezing ass days in 2004, I hung out in Chicago to see the final Guided By Voices show ever on New Years Eve.
It was epic, in every sense of the word. I mean..there was a bar installed on stage to keep Bob Pollard well lubricated throughout the evening's festivities. 

So this morning, Ticketmaster price rapery be damned, I bought a ticket to their REUNION SHOW at Terminal 5 (on November 7. I will be one year older by then. Barf-o-rama).

Add that to my ticket to Pavement's Summerstage concert in September and my Fall 2010 is positively SPARKLING with retro-filled GLEE.



bea. said...

Well, I'm super jealous!

p.s. just bought the newest issue of BUST. you look great!

A and A said...

"ticketmaster price rapery"
love it... love this blog.
Have an amazing time.
peace and love from San Francisco.


陳雅茹陳軒豪 said...


David Henderson said...

Saw this movie, "The Modernism of Julius Shulman" and it made me think of your photography/blog. Not that you do architectural photography, but that you have an eye for framing a shot.

Just thought I would share that. (fantastic movie btw)

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