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OH MAH GAH!!! If you see this issue of BUST out there in the universe...flip to page 88:

I'm in it !!
I made a wishlist for FW10 and basically had a heart attack on set. But I love the way it came out!!!

All the things I want/love/need/must have/suggest you get in on, all in one place:

The MAC lipstick I am never without, my favorite Karen Walker sunnies, matching parka n' shoes by Sam Pleet (in collab with Osborn!), the most UHMAYZING Pamela Love necklace! Wearing my own Opening Ceremony dress under a Bodkin sweater, my own Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons knuckle ring and D&G wedges.

I don't think I can relay to you how anxious I get about doing photo shoots. I am like a deer in headlights and hate every picture. I mean...are models the real heroes?!!? (jk...?)

Thank you so much to Lisa at BUST and the photographer Anna Wolf who went way above and beyond at making me feel comfortable and happy !!!


Sabina E. said...

thats pretty badass. congrats!!

Anonymous said...

AMAZING!! and youve got the best shoes in the world on!!!

Sunshine said...

You look so cute! And I love your choices - that necklace especially is really good.

Stefanie said...

AHHHHH I love Girl About Town! It's so peppy and I get so many compliments when I wear it!
I love Bust, congrats!

Peaches and Cream said...

'anything goes as long as there are tights' - so true!! This is probably the most important lesson anyone could learn about cold weather dressing. So many people struggle with it, don't they? So would I if I were wearing boring jeans everyday.

Sam Harvey said...

i am so happy for you! you attract great things - that is evident!

jill said...


darcy dubose said...

THIS IS FANTASTIC! I'm so excited to get my issue in the mail, I love seeing the girls from the blogs I read on the glossy pages.

Kylie said...

I think I'll buy it just for this.
You actually look pretty amazing in the pictures considering this so-called photoshootphobia. I love how your smirk is a borderline snarl. Nice.


Zoe said...

Wow! That's so cool. Love the shoes btw!x

Side Street Style said...

Wow!! Well done...thats great. I wonder if they have Bust magazine in the UK? Or is it just an American publication - anyway looks like a great spread.

Laura x

brodie said...

hamagaaaaad i am new to the whole "waiting months for an INTL magazine to arrive in australian borderses then paying $17 for it" but i did it with the last few BUSTs and i'ma do it for this one!
you look grrr8 and THOSE CLOGZ! oy.

Agent Lover said...

HOW RAAAAD!!!! So kewl! Congrats! I'm still luvin' me those gold wedges!!

Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

BUST totally rules and now you rule the school!

Sabrina Leigh said...

oh wow congrats i love your style and im so at awww that obviously so do plenty others! How did you manage that like ive said resently kind new to your blog sooo???? but thats awesome i wonder where i would find a bust in Vegas??????


Anonymous said...

Many a little makes a mickle..................................................................

sarah said...

BUST + you = obviously, because you are both pretty kickass.

Unknown said...

Congrats.. thats so awesome.

It turned out great too!

geri hirsch said...

yayyyyy! congratulations. (i hate photo shoots too). xo

franki said...

Awesome - you look fabulous! The D&G wedges are perfection and I LOVE the matching parka and shoes!

brendan donnelly said...


Every Little Counts said...

awesome... i can't wait to pick up this issue.

and you look great! i totally get it-
i avoid getting my photo taken all the time. i am a complete nerd and totally freeze in front of the camera. i can't help it. it's bad.

laia. said...

you look AMAZINGGG!!!

Eli said...

oh man that is so cool! congrats

william said...

SSSSSO cute. Loving the gray leopard prints with that lip color.

cheap canvas art said...

Awesome, loving that! Well done.

Unknown said...

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