lazy days

A week or so a go..or longer.or..whatever? (Time is liquid, man. It's summer!) I escaped from the rumbling trucks outside my window to ACRES and acres of greenness upstate with Marisa and Doree. Lady Retreat!

Oh, hi. GIANT POOL and 9 millionjillion blades of grass. SO in love with this house & property.

SO in love, in fact, that I tried to take selftimer photos? GOOD GRIEF. That shit takes HOURS to get right. Hats off to you bloggers who post those every day. That was a chore!

Here is a story of me, my dress, and the fantastic tiny jewel of a guesthouse.

SO CUTE. It fits just a bed and a dresser. Soooo good.
I thought I was brave enough to sleep out there alone, turns out I'm a total chicken.
Thankfully, Doree had no probs letting me crash with her in the main house.

How many ways can I say I loved this house?

Doree's assistant Lee, and the vintage desk in the living room- IDENTICAL to the one in MY LIVING ROOM!!! (I found mine set out for trash on the street in midtown in 2002. I sat on it- in the winter- for about 3 hours until my Dad could leave work with his car and come get me. LUNATIC!)

One of the multiple porches aka our remote office.

I brought this dress with me for express interest of being a Lady of the Canyon (obvi not in the Canyon, in New York State, but Lady of the State doesn't exactly have the same ring that I am looking for).

It was a Beacon's Closet dreamfind that I spied while I was doing some shopping for MNDR.
It was floor length which, in theory is dreamy, but in reality, on a midge with a NOT SMALL chest..is nightmarish.

I hacked it, doy.

Please observe these sleeves.
If I ever find myself in a postion in which I need to smuggle, say, Casaba melons, I AM IN LUCK.

My parents send every summer in Greece (obvs, ever seen my last name?) and every summer my sister and I put in an order for handmade sandals from the motherland.
These are the ones I wear the most, they seem the least disciple-y.

We made dinners! Pasta by Meltzer, bruschetta by me. Doree made these amazing sweet potato tacos our first night.

I MADE A PIE!!! Peaches and blueberries. It was DELCIOUS.

We felt like Fresh Air Fund kids out there.
Maris and I went for a walk..


We were TERRIFIED. We were like..Ohmigod it is LOOKING AT US. Is it going to CHARGE? Will we die? WIll it EAT US? AHHHHHHH!!!!

If Hunter had come along, I never would have left.
I need a house.


Sunshine said...

I used to have that round blue suitcase! whatever happened to that I wonder?

lovelove that dress. and man what a pretty place!

Hazel said...


dirtbike said...

sunshine/lizbeth::: i have that suitcase!!!! still! i loooove it <3

and yr dress

brodie said...

holy bejesus! you ladies with your sweet potato tacos, amazing floral and DEER are killing me. KILL. ING. ME.

Cara said...

OMG. The sleeves. Love.

Anonymous said...

once I was hiding in the woods with my friend (long story) and this hugeeee buck came and shoot it's antlers at us and charged at us. It was really scary. for some reason, deer are getting really tame. I think they're going to be the next bear or something.

Anonymous said...


darbie said...

dreamy weekends upstate! love it.

and LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress.

and you and hunter have to come visit!

darbie said...

oh...and whose amazing house it that?

and where is it?

Corey Wilkey said...
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Corey Wilkey said...

I Just want to let you know that I have been a secret blogstalker of your blog for quite some time now, and I love it! I have always loved it, from the very first day that I stumbled across it! I have my own blog, and I was thinking the other day that it would be fun to interview a few people that I blogstalk, and post the interviews on my blog, and I was wondering if you would be my first one!? I know it seems totally random, but I think it could be a lot of fun. Please send me an email, and let me know what you think! coreywilkey@gmail.com, or you can visit my blog. Thanks, White Lightning! I hope to hear from you soon!

Fragrant Liar said...

I LOVE retreats! Looks like big fun.

Hey, I am POSITIVE I wore that dress in the Sixties. Positive.

TheStreetFashion5xpro said...

Gorgeous pictures....amazing dress!
Great blog...

alex said...

This post makes me really genuinely upset that:

a) I don't live in the beautuuuutiful USA anymore

b) I could never ever ever pull off dark brown hair with that fringe.

So basically, eff you :)

Louise said...

Just found your blog and... I love it! This post is delicious, this house is wonderful and I'm sure you had a lovely time there. God I miss my country house! By the way, I'm from Paris in France! :)

I'm definitely following your blog.

Caleb said...

Did you use the word "obvs?"

Well played milady.

Mugdha said...

Just found your blog! I absolutely love the dress and what you've done with it! My height always ends in me hacking at things too.

Psychedelicsister said...

I love that dress and your sandals.

Mr.FluffyGuy said...

I would be in heaven at your place. Beary heavenly!

Anonymous said...

i have those minnitonka moccasin and i love them! i would highly recommend them.

Vancouverista said...

love this post
love that dress a LOT
love fellow greeks! (great sandals-my parents keep bringing me home the same 'greek key' design bracelet over and over)

Krisstoffel said...

Lovely place. I'm not sure about Canyon Lady though. It's a little .. em .. ambiguous.

Marcella Blevins said...

As a 39 yr old mother of 3 from East Texas I must admit just reading your posts make me feel somewhat "cooler". Love your style, love your attitude!

Toast said...

I want to steal your dress D:

ershadsocal said...

Love the place

Kloé Adriana. said...

I love how vivid the colours are in this post, your dress is super cute :) xo

itsksheff said...

1. love your dress.
2. love your suitcase.
3. love your camera.
4. love you.
5. that's it.

p.s. juuuust started a blog because i saw yours. it rocks. ...your blog, not mine.

Kerri said...

first of all- the dress is very cute.

and that property is HUGE. nice pool. i wish for one right now...

gospel said...

Order your replacement Axle Online.

Abesa007 said...

wow this place is so nice!

Lãng Khách said...

Oh! nhìn Blogs rất đẹp!

Angelina said...

What a lovely weekend with your girls! OMG that house looks aaaaaah-mazing! I wouldn't have wanted to leave!

Ben. said...

How did you get so much exposure to your blog? You certainly have a lot of loyal fans. Fashion's always a winner on the blogz I guess.

Unknown said...

I love your sense of style because it's so artsy and retro. :)

that is all i'd like to say.

Pervaiz said...

These images are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

totally gorge pix. love the scenery - love the colours (yes, i'm from Canada) and most of all, i love how the food looks SO amazing.


naturaliste said...

What an awesome place! I could die on that lawn next to the pool, eating the pie and be completely happy. For some reason though, your excursion destination is really reminding me of the setting for the movie "Lying"-with chloe sevigny...did you see it? Fortunately your stay seems to be not creepy like the movie. I'm glad your blog became one "of note"-I may not have stumbled upon it otherwise!;)

Anonymous said...


Sabrina Leigh said...

i love you style! your dresses always amaze me!

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